Plumbing glossary: O

It always feels great adding fresh words to your vocabulary, which is why we publish a brand new plumbing glossary every week.

This week, it’s time to learn some O-words.

O-Ring – round rubber washer used to create a watertight seal

ODOutside Diameter – the diameter of a pipe measured from the outside edge

Oakum – loosely woven hemp rope that has been treated with oil or another waterproofing agent, which is used to caulk joints

Oil powered – a water heater that uses oil for its fuel source

Operating cost – the cost of running a water heater for a given time period

Orbital weld – a circumferential, full fusion weld used to join together two lengths of tubing

Organic matter – plant and animal substance created by living organisms

Outlet – the opening through which water exits the pump

Overflow tube – the vertical tube inside a toilet tank that directs water into the bowl in case the ballcock malfunctions

Ozone – an unstable form of oxygen, which can be generated by an electrical discharge through air or regular oxygen – it is a strong oxidising agent and has been used in water conditioning as a disinfectant

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