Plumbing glossary: P

Put some new words in your vocabulary today with our quick plumbing glossary.

PB – polybutylene – a flexible type of tubing used in water supply systems

PE – polyethylene – a plastic material

PHPotential Hydrogen – the hydrogen ion concentration of water measured on a scale of 0 to 14 (below 7 denotes acidity and above 7 indicates alkalinity)

PPPolypropylene Pipe

PPMParts Per Million – a unit of measure for impurities in water

PRPressure Regulator – usually required if water pressure exceeds 80 PSI (pounds per square inch)

Packing nut – the nut that holds the stem of a faucet in position

Perfect vacuum – theoretically, space without matter in it

Perforated pipe – a pipe designed to discharge water through small nozzles, placed in a segment of its circumference for irrigation purposes

Petcock – a small faucet for draining liquids or relieving air pressure

Pickling – pipe immersed into an acid bath for removal of scale, oil or dirt

Pilot – a small burner used to ignite the main burner

Pin – external (male) threaded end of pipe

Pipe dope – substance applied to threaded fittings to create a watertight seal

Plumb – precisely vertical

Plumber’s helper – a plunger

Plumbing tree – prefabricated set of drain waste, vent and supply lines

Poppet – valve that rises perpendicularly to or from its seat

Pre-charged tank – a water storage tank pre-charged with air at factory, featuring a vinyl bag to separate water from air to prevent water-logging

Pressure head – pressure in a plumbing system – the unit of measure which is the vertical force exerted by water at a depth of one foot

Primary air – air which is mixed with gas before the gas leaves a burner port to burn – the ideal burning condition is generally 10 cubic feet of air per one cubic foot of gas

Priming jet – opening in bowl through which tank-supplied water flows – designed to propel waste up into trapway

Pumping level – the lowest water level reached during pumping operation

Purged line – a plumbing line in which the faucet has been opened and allowed to run for a specified length of time (usually between 1 and 5 minutes)

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