Day 8: Seven ways to save on your energy bills this Christmas

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You’ve opened advent window 8!

What’s better than saving a few pounds on your bills this time of year so you can spend more on enjoying a lavish Christmas? We’ve got 7 quick tips for you on how to keep your energy bills low while keeping your home perfectly heated this Christmas.

Use the sun’s energy

Yes! you can heat your home during the day when you’re out and about by leaving your curtains open. Heat from the sun can get trapped and will come in handy later on when the curtains are closed. The overall temperature inside your home will be higher, and your boiler will have less work to do when everyone’s in.

Cover your windows with clingfilm

Windows account for 25% of heat loss in homes in the UK. Covering your windows and glass french doors with clear cling film can reduce heat loss. You’l save around 14% on your heating bill. They’re virtually invisible, and come off easily in March, when it starts getting warm again.

Upgrade your heating controls.

Getting the right heating controls with your boiler installation can make all the difference to the operation and efficiency of your system. Giving you an added way to boost its performance and keep it working for even longer. Programmers allow you to set different times for different days of the week for your heating and hot water to come on. It might be worth investigating if you can change your controls to modern options that give you greater control.

Don’t leave your heating on all day.

The idea that leaving your heating on all day will save you money is a myth. Some believe that keeping the heating all all day because the house will be warmer and the boiler will do less work ultimately saves money. Only keep your heating on when it’s needed.

Use your electric heating at night.

If you have an electrical immersion heater, it might be cost effective to switch to an economy 7 or 10 tariff. That way, your heating bill will be cheaper. Make sure your hot water cylinder is properly insulated.

Unplug your chargers and devices

Electronic devices like games consoles, phone chargers, televisions on standby use power even when they’re plugged in and not in use. The Energy Saving Trust says that households waste between £50 and £80 a year leaving their devices plugged in.

Use radiator panels

Putting reflective panels behind your radiator could reduce your energy consumption. They will reflect the heat from the radiator back into the room. Although, it is better to make sure your walls are properly insulated.

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