Why we use Sentinel products

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sentinel products

We are a plumbing & heating company that’s dedicated to quality, from the workmanship that we provide to the boilers and heating systems that we install. Everything we do is done with excellence in mind. To uphold the high standards that we promise and build long-lasting relationships with our customers we choose only to work with high-end boiler and water treatment manufacturers. This is why we use Sentinel, it’s a brand that is well-respected throughout the industry. Sentinel is synonymous with quality and has a proven track record.

We use Sentinel products to maintain our customers’ boilers and heating systems. Servicing boilers properly and on an annual basis is important. It makes the boilers more efficient, last longer and use less gas. It’s of equal importance to maintain the rest of the central heating system – the radiators and pipes. When a job is done correctly and with the right products, customers will experience fewer costly repairs and save money on gas bills. By adding Sentinel water treatment chemicals to the boilers and heating systems that we service, we know that our customers are well protected.

We use around 15 different Sentinel products to match the different heating system jobs we come across, such as boiler installation and boiler servicing and repairs.

sentinel products


Sentinel’s Sesi is used to protect our customers’ domestic water systems from limescale. These are electrolytic scale inhibitors that reduce the build-up of limescale.

The X100 Quick Test Kit, is a tool we love to use when we service boilers. It’s used to see if a system has the right level of chemicals in circulation and ensure that it is fully protected and will run at optimal level.

Sentinel X100 Inhibitor, a chemical that protects central heating systems against limescale, ferrous sludge and corrosion.

Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner is a chemical cleaner that quickly removes heavy corrosion deposits and scale from older systems. We use this when cleaning and powerflushing all systems where we install a new boiler.

Sentinel’s great products give us the confidence that we are providing our customers with the high quality service that we promise.

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