Signs That Show You Need Boiler Replacement

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Some products do not have an expiry date label. One such product is the boiler.

You have to keep an eye on such products to avoid accidents. When you observe it is not working and is out of order, you need to replace or repair it.

Signs to indicate replacement of the boiler:

A few crucial signs to alert you to replace your boiler:

  • If the boiler radiator takes more time to reach a sufficient temperature level, your boiler is not working correctly. In general, the boiler increases the temperature of the house quickly. Therefore, it indicates you need a boiler replacement.
  • If your boiler is burning and emitting yellow flame, it indicates a significant problem in the boiler. The yellow flame shows that the boiler has a leakage issue and emits carbon monoxide. Call the professional, and if leakage is not repairable, you need boiler replacement without any delay. Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas that creates several physical issues.
  • If you get a foul smell from your boiler, some parts of the boiler are burning out. A proper inspection is needed, and an engineer will advise you whether you need a boiler replacement.
  • If your heating system is old, it may create a heating issue and consumes more energy. So, if your energy bill is continuously increasing, you should replace your boiler to save both energy and money.
  • If the boiler is not showing enough pressure, it leaks, and the air enters the valve. Well, the leakage can get sealed by a sealer tube. But if you find any other issue, go for boiler replacement to avoid an accident.
  • If you are not getting hot water, your boiler is wearing out. So, don’t waste on repairing. Instead, place an order for a new boiler and erase the possibility of an accident.
  • If your boiler is working correctly and is too old, you need to upgrade it. If parts of the old boiler are not available in the market, your boiler will be useless. In such a scenario, you need a boiler replacement. 

If you observe this sign or another like noise, kettling, or your boiler is too old, you should replace your boiler. Call the professionals of WPJ Heating for assistance.