8 Ideas to Stay Warmer without turning on the heating

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It’s summer, but it’s not summer. It’s supposed to be getting warmer but why do we have jumpers on? The sun shines in the morning, but by 5pm in the evening it might start raining and we’ll feel nippy. We’re used to the English weather playing tricks on us, but it doesn’t it has to cost us in household energy bills. It’s not a good idea to keep your heating running throughout the year, but with occasional cool temperatures during warmer months, here are 12 ways you can keep warm without turning the radiator on.

Warmer Air

Drafts – Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed to prevent cool air leaking into your home from outside.

Linen – Curtains and blinds are not just made to look good and accessorise your home. Use lined curtains and blinds – they help block the sun but also trap heat and warm air from escaping, increasing the overall temperature of the room.

Keep doors closed – When the whole family is gathered in the living room, keep the doors closed so that cold air from other parts of the house stays out.

Humidity – After a hot shower, turn off the extractor fans and leave the bathroom door open instead. The warm air will spread through the house and bring the overall temperature down.

Warmer Body

More reasons to cuddle – You wouldn’t think it, but cuddling with a loved one is an effective way to share body heat and keep you warmer. As a bonus, light candles around the room, They aren’t just a source of light and romance, but the added heat will make you warm enough to not have to turn on the heating.

Extra blankets – This one’s a no brainer, so pile on extra the blankets. At night, sleeping with your face under the blanket can actually will trap warm air when you breathe out. This is the reason canopy beds exist, they were originally used to keep lords and noblemen warm, rather than for extravagance and luxury.

Rugs and Carpets – Put down rugs and carpets throughout to stop heat loss through the floor. Use underlays to make them more comfy, but also to add to the heat insulation.

Insulation – Summer is a good time to make sure your home is insulated. While insulation is often standard in new build UK homes, but if your property is older, you may be losing tons of money in your energy bills. Heat rises, so if you’ve got a loft, making sure it’s insulated will trap heat from the sun. Which will keep you warmer in the evenings.

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