Steam Shower Installation – Why Choose to install a Steam Shower?

vidalux sensual spas essence steam shower

Steam showers are great for many reasons. We all know that they are very relaxing but they also come with great health benefits. Steam showers have a positive effect on blood pressure as exposure to steam widens the blood vessels so that blood flow increases and improves circulation.

The heat also relaxes muscles and reduces tension and gives relief to stiff joints. Exposure to heat and steam releases stress and has a fatiguing effect that can improve sleep when used before bed.

Just a steam shower or a the shower/tub combo?

When ordering a steam shower you need to decide if you need a dual tub and a steam shower or just a steam shower alone. The shower/tub combo is more expensive but it’s important to note the benefits that come with the price tag. Tubs include built-in seats, foot massage and whirlpool massage jets. If you’re looking to create a luxurious bathroom environment the shower/tub combo might be the right way to go.

Installing a Steam Shower

The installation process is not too different from installing a regular shower, also a steam shower doesn’t need to take much more space than a regular shower. The total price of a steam shower installation depends on what shower you choose to install as units start at £800 and go upwards.

We’ve done some research for you and here are some of the top steam showers on the market in different price ranges:

Vidalux Sensual Spas Essence 900 Steam Shower Cabin

Vidalux Sensual Spas Essence 900 is a great lower cost shower as it has all the most desirable features; steam, bluetooth, colour changing light at a reasonable price. Price: £879

Insignia INS8728

steam showers

Just like the Vidalux above, the Insignia INS8728 features steam, Bluetooth and colour changing light. In addition this steam shower also features Insignia’s AMI aromatherapy system. Price: £1424

Aquaplus 9018 1500 x 1500 Steam Whirlpool Bath Enclosure

steam showers

All in one! Choosing a steam shower with a Whirlpool bath will include body jets, foot massage and a built-in seat. Price: £1599

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