Steps to Getting New Boiler Installation in London

Boiler Replacement

New boiler installation is one of those tasks that might seem straightforward to the untrained eye until you do it yourself and realise its complexity. Don’t waste time and money trying to go the DIY route. Boiler installation calls for the expertise of qualified plumbers and heating engineers.


Working with gas is complicated and hazardous, requiring extensive training, expertise, and experience. Even if you can find how-to videos or refer to the manual, there’s no guarantee that you can do the job properly. It’s better to leave boiler installation to qualified providers of plumbing services in London to avoid making costly mistakes and ensure the safety of your family and property. 


Choosing the right plumbing service


You’ll want to hire an experienced and qualified specialist for the job. Start by finding an established and reputable plumbing and heating company that employs its own plumbers and engineers. It’s best to hire a company with an in-house team instead of hiring subcontractors. That way, you know the work is accounted for, and the professionals are insured for the task. Accredited engineers are also qualified to provide plumbing and heating services throughout London.


New boiler installation should be done by Gas Safe registered engineers. If you want to install a specific brand such as Worcester Bosch, look into their qualifications and training in installing boilers from that brand. Accredited installers can provide extra guarantees (sometimes up to 12 years).


Once you’ve decided on the right plumbing and heating company, follow these steps to get your new boiler installed:


  1. Call or fill out an online quotation form


Provide information about your home and requirements to get a boiler quote. Some companies will need to know the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you have, your current boiler (if any), the new boiler you want, and the need for a new thermostat or programmer. Check if the installer offers flexible payment options and consider them if you want to be able to afford a new boiler without worrying about your monthly finances.


  1. Try to compare quotes


Find at least two different plumbing services in London to compare their quotes. When it’s time to make a choice, select an installer that is proven reliable, insured, and capable of providing high-quality services worth your time and money.


The cost of boiler installation will depend on the number of bathrooms and the size of your home. It may also depend on the upgrades that may be included to ensure everything is up to standard. For instance, an installer may need to convert a traditional gravity system to a mains pressure, entailing entails careful planning and meticulous work. A new thermostat, a circulating pump, and a programmer may also affect the price.


  1. Check their care plans


See if you can sign up for a care plan for your new boiler installation. Make sure it’s affordable and dependable for keeping your new appliance healthy and in good condition all year. Some companies won’t charge you for the first three months when you sign up with a new boiler.


Determine what’s covered, such as the annual service, safety check, re-pressurising, and maintenance.


  1. Review the payment plans


A new boiler can be a huge investment, and you may not have enough funding to afford one immediately. Go with a service provider that offers competitive and flexible payment solutions that can complete the new boiler installation soon and spread the cost over a reasonable time to match your budget. Reputable installers won’t charge you a deposit or extra fees while ensuring low monthly payments while providing up to 12 years of guarantee on labour and parts for specific boiler products.


Check your eligibility for the payment plans and ability to make monthly payments before committing to one. You may be subject to a credit check, too.