Toolbox Essentials every home should have

toolbox essentials

Toolbox Essentials

toolbox essentials

A tool box may be a small investment, but it can save you an incredible amount of money by allowing you to address and troubleshoot basic problems yourself, before needing to call in the professionals.

Toolbox essentials: the basics


You can fix almost anything with a set of proper screwdrivers. Use them to tighten loose screws, set up flat pack furniture and for any basic installation project. You can get flat head screwdriver heads for slot headed nails and phillips head (cross head) screwdriver sets too.

toolbox essentials: screwdrivers

Tape measure

Keep it on hand to measure anything from the wall area for a paint project to the thickness of lumber at the home center—where you’ll learn that a 2×4 is not exactly 2 by 4 inches.


Keeping your tools – drivers, screws, and bolts in an easy-to-carry toolbox keeps you organised and tidy. The big box (or bag) has a single metal latch that closes tightly. A removable tray is great for assorted fasteners.

toolbox essentials


Of course, a hammer is essential. A 16-ounce smooth-faced claw hammer has a nice mix of heft and versatility for driving nails into walls to hang pictures, knocking together ready-to-assemble furniture, and building birdhouses. The curved claw is useful for pulling out the nails that inevitably get bent.


You can use them to straighten bent plugs, replace old shower heads, cut wires and grip nails so you can pull them out.

Utility Knife

You’ll be using this to open delivery boxes, sharpen pencils, mark mortises, and shave wood. Spend a little more upfront for one with a comfortable rubber-covered handle and built-in blade storage. Then you’re more likely to pop in a fresh blade rather than forcing a dull one, which isn’t safe.

Adjustable Wrench

toolbox essentials: wrench

You need one, trust us. It’s jaws can be used to tighten nuts and bolts when assembling things like a backyard swing or when installing a new tap.

We hope this helps, at the very least its a start to getting you DIY ready for all kinds of odd jobs, plumbing emergencies and flat pack assembly situations.

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