Trees For Cities: A New Initiative Towards Nature

Tress For Citiesboiler installation london

Trees for Cities is the only UK charity trying to enhance the quality of living by tree planting in cities on a national and worldwide scale. They work with local communities to create long-term change in their areas by revitalising lost spaces, creating healthier settings, or inspiring people to grow, forage, and eat healthy food. WPJ plumbing and heating services are an environmentally conscious business that wants to do its best for sustainability to promote the idea of a healthy planet. To take environmental action, WPJ has collaborated with Trees for Cities.


You can now do your bit for the environment by installing a boiler. If you are wondering how that would help the environment, then the simple reason is that WPJ plants one tree for every boiler they install. The boiler installation is a simple and easy process. You can ask for a quote for the boiler installation. This quote can be obtained on the company’s website by filling out a simple inquiry form, or you can also request an email or get the quotation over a live video chat. You can book the installation if you are satisfied with the quote.


WPJ is your local, top-notch London boiler company that specialises in plumbing, boiler installations, and plumbing services. They cover all of southwest London, from Wandsworth to Westminster to Brixton and everything between them. You can also grab the offer of a twelve-year guarantee period on Worcester boilers. If you find it hard to pay for the boiler installation in one go, then flexible payment options are also available.


If you are also looking at different maintenance options for your boilers, we have some exciting care plans offered by the company. It helps you keep your boiler in running condition all year round. There are three types of care plans available. You can go through the options based on your requirements and choose the best plan for yourself. Signing up with a new boiler also fetches you a free service of three months.