Types of swimming pool installation

Did our recent article ‘Do Brits need to be swimming in cash to install a private pool?’ get you yearning for a swimming pool of your own?

This guide will navigate you through the different types of swimming pool installation available.


Above ground swimming pools are fast and easy to install because they require minimal ground preparation. From kids’ paddling pools to large, solid structures, these types of pools are great for the summer.

Inflatable, vinyl or PVC pool

These are the cheapest types of above ground swimming pools, generally ranging from £50 to £10001, and use a steel frame or inflatable ring with a small cartridge filter.

Inflatable, vinyl and PVC swimming or paddling pools must only be used in the summer because the materials perish in colder temperatures, and although they’re expensive to heat, they can be a lot of fun on a hot day.

Solid above ground pool

Usually made from wood parts that slot together like Lego pieces, solid above ground swimming pools are a more permanent above ground option, costing between £1,500 and £10,000.

They usually feature a liner that will require replacing periodically and children should be discouraged from taking sharp objects into the pool, such as flippers, to prevent undue damage to the liner.


The following swimming pools require a hole to be dug and plumbing to be installed for the pool to be operational. Although the initial outlay is greater, these types of swimming pools are long-lasting and can increase a property’s value on the housing market.

Block and PVC liner pool

This is the most common type of pool in the UK and costs between £25,000 and £70,000 to install.

A block and PVC liner pool is built from concrete blocks and lined with PVC, similar to a fishpond. The liner ensures that the pool retains its watertight qualities but liners do need to be changed every five years, as they tend to become brittle due to UV rays.

Panel/prefabricated pool

Similar to the block and liner pool, but rather than concrete blocks, plastic or metal panels are used instead. The benefit is that these materials can be insulated.

Panel and prefabricated pools cost between £15,000 and £80,000.

Fibreglass/polyester pool

These are delivered in one piece and craned into an excavated hole, making for quick installation and easy maintenance.

Do note that the temperature of fibreglass and polyester pools is limited to 28 degrees Celsius and they will set you back between £20,000 and £65,000.

Concrete pool with tiles, marble or rubberised paint

This is the bespoke option and can cost in the range of £45,000 to £150,000+.

Concrete provides the flexibility to build any shape or design required, although it is harder to heat, so the running costs will be higher. You can finish your pool off with tailored extras, such as lighting, mosaic, and so on.

Installing a private pool is a great way to add value to your home. For more value-boosting ideas, click here.

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