UK energy consumption levels lower today than in 1965

The UK is the only country in which energy consumption levels are lower now than they were in 19651, according to the latest research by BP.

Over the past 50 years, the UK’s economy and population has tripled, yet our energy consumption is close to just 5%. This is the lowest of all countries BP has historical data on.

Part of the explanation is that the UK’s industrial output has dropped, but the low energy consumption levels are most attributed to energy efficiency awareness and technologies.

In terms of energy efficiency, the industrial sector has seen the biggest improvements since 1965. Transport, on the other hand, has made zero change since 1970, and is currently the UK’s largest contributor of energy burn, accounting for 38% of the country’s total consumption.

From a worldwide viewpoint, BP’s latest report shows that energy consumption is slowing globally. In 2014, levels rose by just 0.9%, which is the smallest growth rate since 2009.

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