Ultimate guide: what to expect from your student bathroom

Student life is notoriously disgusting. Away from mum and dads, hygiene standards go out of the window, and no matter how clean you may once have been, you’re about to be in for a culture shock.

If you’re heading off to university this September, read on for eight bathroom-related problems you can expect whilst living as student.

  1. The shared bathroomPrepare yourself for sharing a bathroom in university halls. What you find in the toilet the morning after the night before is quite disturbing…so try to avoid being the first one to use the bathroom after you and your flatmates have been necking back 2-4-1 pints at the local.

    Hair in the drain is another extremely (icky) common experience for a student. The forever-unanswered question is whose hair is in the drain? Even by narrowing it down by colour and length, you will never know, and it will never go – until your landlord calls in a plumber to unblock it, covering the cost with your deposit.

  2. The dreaded student landlordAt least the deposit-dipping landlord is trying to make your home habitable – it’s the bill-dodging student landlords that have gained a bad name for themselves in recent years.

    They’ll avoid fixing plumbing issues at all costs, which means a professional plumber is out of the question, and you’re left with a dodgy DIY job, or nothing at all.

    The washing machine which sounds like a shredder? Don’t be alarmed, 80% of the time your clothes will be fine!

    The leaking sink? Who needs a plumber when you have a bowl to catch the drips?

    One student even told us that their landlord resolved a damp issue in a bathroom by simply removing the window glass and covering the gap with pieces of wood. Sorted!

  3. The unhygienic flatmateThere is always one person with surprisingly low hygiene standards in student accommodation.

    Have they ever washed? No one knows. They claim to have late night showers, but they are rarely witnessed…

    And the unflushed toilet?! We know who you are.

  4. The all-male householdsAlways be prepared for the bathrooms of all-male households. Most importantly, try to avoid using the toilet at all costs because you never know what you might find in there.

    In fact, this rule could apply to some all-female households too…

  5. The water meter mysteryYou’ve become responsible for your bills for the first time and have been informed that there is a water meter…whatever that means. You don’t give it a second thought until you desperately need a shower for a hot date only to find there’s no damn water!

    Note to students: the water meter is situated outside of the house. Do not spend hours searching for it indoors.

  6. The price of toilet rollToilet roll costs how much?!

    Always take advantage of the free toilet roll supplied by your university. Think you can hold it in? Wait until you are in the comfort of university toilets and then relieve yourself.

    Oh, and if you find a loose toilet roll in the bathroom on campus? You pay university fees…the toilet roll is now yours. Every penny counts!

  7. The en-suite (BEWARE: it’s a trap!)While it may seem like a great idea to pay extra to have your own bathroom, always be cautious.

    Once your shared-bathroom-friends catch on that you are living in luxury, they will use you.

  8. The nightclub toiletToilets in clubs are more than just a place to relieve yourself; they are a social hub.

    During your university years, club toilets will become the place for deep chats and meeting new friends. You won’t be friends for long, but that special 10 minutes you spent together in the queue will stay with you forever.

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