Why should I compare the boiler cover?

compare boiler cover

Purchasing a cover plan for your boiler is a great step toward protecting your investment and for peace of mind. However, cover policies differ significantly between providers, making it crucial to compare and contrast plans to find the best deals for your boiler.

Finding insurance coverage plans for your boiler today is quite easy. There are many companies offering boiler policies at varying prices to suit your needs. However, this doesn’t mean any cover plan is right for you. Some policies only apply to your boiler, while others cover your wider plumbing and heating system.


What is a boiler cover?


Boiler cover is a type of insurance that covers your boiler in the event it gets damaged or breaks down. This gives you complete peace of mind, ensuring you never have to worry about boiler issues affecting your home’s heating.

When it comes to boiler cover, the provider usually covers boiler repairs which include spare parts and labour as well as any other extras in your plan. But the cover may work in different ways depending on your provider. For example, there may be a limit on how long the engineer can spend on boiler repairs, and your insurer may restrict you on the number of claims you place each year.


What does a boiler cover include?


Boiler cover plans usually vary from provider to provider but most include the following:

  • Boiler servicing (monthly or annually)
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Boiler repairs
  • Money towards the replacement of your boiler

Some policies may extend to your central heating and plumbing system and cover repairs and wiring. You can find more information about boiler policies here.


Why compare boiler care policies?


If you’re shopping for an insurance plan for your boiler, it’s vital to take the time to compare policies from different providers. Insurers normally offer various boiler cover packages to address different needs. This makes finding the one that suits your needs crucial to protecting your investment and peace of mind.

For example, if you need a cover that only applies to your boiler, there’s no need to buy a care plan that extends to your central heating and plumbing system. It will only cost you more. Look at what each policy entails and determine which best suits your boiler needs to avoid underpaying or overpaying your insurance.

Comparing cover plans also ensures you find the best deal for your boiler. You never know – you may find a plan offering more cover at a lower price or an insurer offering flexible monthly payments for your boiler care plan. Some boiler covers may also include a boiler service at no additional cost or fee, so compare to find the best deal for you.


Choosing the right boiler cover


To choose the right cover, start by working out your budget and what you require when it comes to boiler repairs, maintenance and servicing. Use this information to find a policy that suits you better and addresses your needs.