Why you should consider replacing your old boiler

Boilers account for about 55 per cent of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference. Modern boilers are a lot more efficient than ones manufactured and installed as recently as 10 years ago. Temperature control devices have developed in that time, too, meaning you can be far more precise with how you heat each area of your house.

Do you need more reasons why you should consider replacing your old boiler? Old boilers are not only a drain on your wallet, but some can also be a health concern. Every year thousands of people across the UK are diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning.

With Boiler Financing options available, now is the best time to make sure your family is safe and warm this winter. If you experience a boiler emergency but don’t have the funds to buy a new one outright, you can do so affordably with a boiler finance plan. This means you’ll get your new boiler straightaway and pay for it through small monthly installments.

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Below are estimated savings from Energy Saving Trust

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