4 ways to keep your dishwasher alive for longer

Dishwashers don’t come cheap, which is why it’s so important to do all we can to keep them in good running order for as long as possible.

Below, we’ve listed some top tips to protect the lifespan of your dishwasher.

  1. Check filters

Filters are located inside the dishwasher’s floor and are designed to catch food scraps. Whilst some newer models will have a self-cleaning filter system, it’s still worth checking them manually and discarding any debris, as leftover food can impact your dishwasher’s performance.

Check your manual for the manufacturer’s guidance on how often to do this; it may be after each cycle, once a week or once a month.

  1. Clean the sprayer arms

Your dishwasher may have one sprayer arm or two, located on the ceiling or floor of the machine. The holes in sprayer arms are prone clogging from food and detergent, which can cause an uneven distribution of water during a cycle.

Gently clean the sprayer arms, but again, check your manual for instruction on how and when to handle your machine’s specific fittings.

  1. Manage rust

Tines, a dish rack feature, hold plates, bowls and cups in place. If tines begin to rust they can leave marks on your dishes or fall off and damage the machine’s pump. This could lead to costly repair work.

DIY shops sell rack repair kits, which you could use if you’ve caught an ailment early, otherwise you may need to buy a replacement rack. Always opt for stainless steel over metal, as the former is less predisposed to rusting.

  1. Run a cleansing cycle

Like you may already do with your washing machine, it’s a good idea to do a hot wash once a month to rid your dishwasher of germs and bad odours.

As cleaning agents, lemon juice and vinegar both possess the acidic properties to do a thorough job, although you may prefer the aroma of freshly cut lemons!

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