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Getting Your New Copper Pipework Installed

WPJ take great pride in installing new copper pipework. Our skilled team use soldering and pipe bending equipment to fashion pipes needed for each new installation. Copper pipe has been used for decades as the material of choice but now we also have access to various other pipe materials such as polybutelene and other plastics which are more suitable to certain types of installation such as underfloor heating.

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New Pipework With WPJ

Waste pipes are generally made of plastic too with external soil stacks also often done with cast iron pipe. WPJ have plenty of skill and experience with running new pipes for bathrooms, kitchens, heating systems and radiators. We will liaise with the customer or architect as to the job requirements and make suggestions as appropriate. It is common for us to advise on pipe-sizing as we know what diameter or bore of pipe will deliver what volume of flow or heat.

All new pipework is clipped and supported properly before being pressure tested in advance of commissioning.

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