Britain is quickly learning the benefits of underfloor heating as we catch up with our Nordic neighbours.

Underfloor heating allows you to free your wallspace from often bulky radiators whilst giving efficient low-level heat that permeates evenly through out the space. This can be very cosy or very sleek whilst still being very functional.

Underfloor heating can either be electric – usually for smaller tiled spaces such as bathrooms, or it can be what we call wet underfloor heating. This comprises a network of pipes zig-zagging backwards and forwards under the floor and these pipes carry round warm water from the boiler. This system is better and more effective for larger areas such as extensions or whole houses and the useful heat can be transmitted through numerous floor coverings and types – tile, concrete, wood and carpet to name a few.

Wet underfloor systems are best put in when larger building works are being done. This is because there is a lot of preparatory work needed first and all existing floors have to be pulled up.

All these underfloor systems can be carefully zoned so different areas are controlled by different thermostats. Uponor, JG Speedfit and Heatmiser controls are all big players in the domestic market. Warm-Up are great for the electric matting under bathroom floors.

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