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Leaks Around The House

Plumbing leaks: Any type of leak can cost you thousands of pounds in repairs. It’s important to spot small problems and do something about them before they become big ones.

If you have any leaks around the house, give us a call, our engineers are highly skilled and qualified to fix any issues you have. Book an appointment now to get ahead of the problem!

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Common Plumbing Leaks

Splash Leaks: This is when water escapes past your shower curtain or shower door. It might seem minor, but if it’s consistently happening when your shower is being used, this type of leak can cause serious damage if the water seeps into the flooring. It can cause your sub-flooring to rot, leading to an potentially expensive replacement project.

Drainage Leaks: These types of leaks occur when water seeps from the outside of the sinkhole or drain. Sometimes in old showers, the seal around the drain may be broken, which can lead to leaks. Another good indicator of a leak in your bathroom would be stains or damage on the ceiling in rooms downstairs.

Tile Leaks: This happens when water seeps through the grout or silicon and gets into the walls. If you notice tiles start to fall off, or if you notice the wall frame is rotting, persistent mould, peeling paint on the wall exterior to the bathroom, you could have a tile leak.

Toilet Leaks: You’ll notice this where the toilet meets the waste pipe or on the floor. Each time you flush, a little bit of water seeps out, which can damage your floors. If you notice water around the base of your toilet, if the floor feels soft or if the toilet rocks or moves when you sit on it, call us. We’ll be able to remove the toilet and investigate the cause of the leak further.

Kitchen Sink Counter Leaks: These leaks will eventually cause damage to your worktops and cabinets. If you notice pools of water, damp, water stains or a bad odour coming from inside the cupboards under the sink

Other Slow Leaks: Any leaks or puddles around your boiler should be addressed immediately by calling us. If you think your water tank is leaking, wipe the surface of the tank with a dry paper towel. If it gets damps or wet at any point, you’ll know there’s a leak. Over time, the leak could get bigger and lead to the tank bursting.

For more information give us a call on 020 7350 2511 or book an appointment. You can also leave your number and we’ll give you a call.

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