We are accredited for working with boilers by global industry leaders Worcester Bosch and Vaillant. Here some popular boiler manufacturers we work with and install:

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Common Boiler Problems:

Below are a few of the most common boiler problems and faults we repair daily:

  • Radiators failing to heat up: Radiators may not get hot enough because of trapped air, dirty water in the system, or faulty radiator valves.
  • Faulty pilot light: If a pilot light keeps going out, this could be due to a broken thermocouple, gas valves or air seal, or debris may be obstructing the pilot light.
  • Low boiler pressure: When boilers continuously lose pressure or switch off, the culprit may be a leak on the central heating system or automatic air vent, a faulty pressure relief valve or a failing expansion vessel.

We can make recommendations on how to improve your boiler’s energy efficiency. We also provide reminders on when your boiler or gas appliances are due for annual servicing. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with proper boiler maintenance.

The Importance of Qualified Engineers

Working with any gas appliance calls for skill, formal training and experience. If the engineer servicing your boiler or gas fire doesn’t have the right qualifications, this can put you and your property at serious risk.

At WPJ Heating, safety is our top priority, all of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and fully qualified to work on your gas appliances. Read more on gas safety here.

We are also registered with CIPHE, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers. It’s the UK’s professional and technical body for plumbing and heating engineers.

Boiler Servicing and Gas Appliance Care – Crucial for Several Reasons:

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to any gas appliance in your home. The only way to ensure your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is through proper maintenance and professional servicing every year.

Annual servicing is a requirement in order to maintain your gas appliance’s warranty. If boiler repair or replacement should become necessary, a yearly service is the only way you can make a claim to the manufacturer.

Economic performance
For all gas appliances, such as boilers, gas fires and hobs, professional servicing is essential to guarantee the best economic performance. Proper maintenance will prolong the life of your appliances.

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What Our Boiler Service Includes

WPJ Heating’s meticulous boiler servicing procedure will give you peace of mind. Our team carefully checks each of the boiler’s basic functions, so you can be confident that you won’t be faced with a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter.

Each of the following steps are completed on all boiler services:

  • Filters are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Localised boiler sludge and debris are removed.
  • The burner chamber is inspected and cleaned if required.
  • The flue and terminal are checked for obstructions.
  • A full flue analysis is carried out.
  • System pressure is topped up and the expansion vessel is set to the correct pressure.
  • The circulating pump is checked to ensure that it is running freely.

The team will also bleed radiators and free up the radiator valves upon request so that all parts of your heating system are in good working condition. See all our prices here.

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