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Specialist Drainage Services

Proper drainage is critical for the smooth and sanitary functioning of your home; even the smallest sink blockage can be hugely inconvenient, while large-scale issues surrounding blocked waste pipes or drain pipes can even require specialist skills and equipment. Our experienced team can cater to all drainage problems; you can use our call-out service at no extra charge to have one of our plumbers come as soon as possible to unclog blockages in your internal waste pipes, outside drains or rainwater pipes.

While our qualified plumbers can tackle a range of drainage problems, including blocked waste, blocked gullies, and leaks, the scale or nature of a given job may require the assistance of our specialist drain clearing engineers and equipment. When waste pipes are inaccessible, or when plungers, drain rods and other traditional plumbing equipment aren’t able to address the problem, we can get our specialists on the job right away.

The Most Cutting-Edge Techniques

WPJ Heating’s specialist drain clearing team has extensive knowledge and experience in eliminating even the most stubborn blockages. To select the most effective equipment for the job, our drain clearing engineers will first investigate the size of the waste or drain pipe as well as the nature of the blockage.

If we are unable to identify the blockage or the drainage route, we employ CCTV camera surveying to pinpoint the problem and offer localised repair, whether the cause is tree root damage, displaced joints or any other faults. We also offer full formal drainage reports and camera footage upon request.

Once the source of the blockage has been located, our team can eradicate challenging blockages in even the most inaccessible locations using highly efficient drain clearing equipment, including drill-driven coring machines and high-pressure water jetting machinery attached to flexible hoses.

More Than Just A Drain Clearing Service

At WPJ Heating, we have an in-depth understanding of the ins-and-outs of complex drainage and waste removal systems, so we’ll do whatever it takes to get your system in proper working order again. We therefore offer drain lining services, and we carry out excavations, damaged pipe replacements, and pipe rerouting and installation for renovations or new builds.

Our comprehensive services also include the construction of new soil stacks, drain laying, repair services for macerators, sewage pumps and rainwater pumps, as well as preventative maintenance services for all drainage systems. In addition, we can efficiently empty your cesspit or septic tank, or provide sludge and gully gulping services as needed.

For more information on our drain clearing services, call us on 020 7350 2511 or book an appointment below. You can also leave your number and we will give you a call.

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