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Are you looking for boiler maintenance or a new boiler? Great, we are experts in the field. We replace boilers, fix boilers and service boilers. Did we
say boilers? It’s simple, anything boiler related, we’re here to help you out.

To make it even sweeter, we are fully accredited by the worlds leading boiler manufacturers. We give the longest guarantee on Worcester boilers
and products, up to 12 years depending on the product.

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Tricky boiler installations in South & West London

London properties, particularly those within the extended ULEZ zone, are much more likely to pose new boiler installation obstacles and challenges than properties further out, whether that be suburbs, smaller towns, villages or countryside.

We are the perfect partner to combat these common issues:

  • 20+ years working in London properties
  • London properties are different in age, construction and access than elsewhere
  • Replacing a boiler in a London property is not the same as elsewhere in the country
  • Ask us to provide a quote and we will show you our comprehensive approach and our great value
  • WPJ are tried and tested and will make a taxing job run smoothly

Read more about why new boiler installations in London can be difficult