Why We Specialise In Glow-worm Boilers

As your local Glow-worm Accredited Installers we specialise in Glow-worm Boilers and cover the area of South and West London. Glow-worm boilers are a great choice when it comes to installing and recommending boilers to customers.  The company has demonstrated great commitment to the quality of their products, the care they give to all their customers and the technical back-up they give to us as an installation company. We can all build confident relationships on the back of that.

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We are Club Energy Members of the Glow-worm boiler company which means that we are accredited to work on all Glow-worm boilers and Glow-worm services. The Club Energy level means we can give you the longest guarantee, up to 10 years on all Glow-worm boilers.

We have been serving south and west London for over 20 years. Our engineers are trained to the highest possible standard and we provide the absolute top quality of workmanship in our industry.

As a Glow-worm Accredited Installer, we handle the entire process, from boiler installation London to flexible payment options, subject to credit approval.

What It Means To Be A Glow-worm Installer

We are a Glow-worm Boiler Accredited installer. This means that one of the UK’s best heating and hot water product manufacturers have identified our commitment to outstanding customer service, quality workmanship and ongoing product training.

We have signed up to a strict code of conduct that covers business practices and focuses on proper interaction with customers.

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Glow-worm Club Energy Member

WPJ Heating are proud and long term members of the Glow-worm boilers accredited installer scheme.

We have been installing Glow-worm boilers for over 15 years and can give customers all the reassurances and benefits of being part of their manufacturer’s scheme. This allows us to give extended guarantees and do all the online registrations for the customer so we take some of the leg work and frustrating parts of the job out of the home owners hands. They can know the job is being done to the highest standard and that all Gas Safe paperwork, servicing procedures, guarantee validations are being handled properly by WPJ Heating as part of the job.

We have all the latest product and boiler training to hand and are able to help with choosing the best boiler controls and smart thermostats to get the most out of your new boiler. This of course often means setting up and allowing the new boiler to modulate correctly with the heat-load and outside temperatures so that we save money on gas bills and reduce fossil fuel emissions.

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Our Reviews

We have great reviews from so many happy customers, see what they have to say about us…

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Trustpilot Rating
Based on 361 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 303 reviews
Checkatrade Rating
Based on 944 reviews
Which? Rating
Based on 129 reviews

All authentic reviews from customers who love us!
Beware of providers seeming to be ‘perfect’ with 5/5 or 10/10 ratings.

Check out this article from Which? on how to spot fake reviews that makes for good reading!

Get Peace of Mind With Our Engineers

All our engineers are employed directly by us – so you can rest easy knowing you have peace of mind. Many other installation companies use sub contractors for their engineers and installers which can compromise the quality of work, the care & attention they give to your home, the qualifications they carry, the experience they have, the insurance risks, consistency of work where more than one visit is required etc. You never know what kind of engineer will turn up on your doorstep when they are sub-contracted.

We employ the best engineers that only work for us. They wear the WPJ brand on every single job and treat every home with the utmost care and respect as if it were their own. All our engineers are gas safety qualified, maintain a consistent high quality of work, they are fully insured with WPJ, and all adhere to a strict code of conduct on all jobs.

You know exactly what you are getting with a WPJ engineer!

Whoever you use, make sure you do a couple of checks:
  • Check the status of the actual installer: Employed or sub-contractor?
  • If sub-contractor, check the qualification and ask to see insurance documents
  • See this article from Which? on how to find a good plumber

Read more about why WPJ are the right choice to look after your home

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Tricky boiler installations in South & West London

London properties, particularly those within the extended ULEZ zone, are much more likely to pose new boiler installation obstacles and challenges than properties further out, whether that be suburbs, smaller towns, villages or countryside.

We are the perfect partner to combat these common issues:

  • 20+ years working in London properties
  • London properties are different in age, construction and access than elsewhere
  • Replacing a boiler in a London property is not the same as elsewhere in the country
  • Ask us to provide a quote and we will show you our comprehensive approach and our great value
  • WPJ are tried and tested and will make a taxing job run smoothly

Read more about why new boiler installations in London can be difficult

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