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London Is A Hard Water Area

This means the water coming in to our homes contains a lot dissolved minerals. As this water circulates around our houses and pipework it can leave scale deposits, commonly known as limescale. This scale can be particularly noticeable on tap spouts and shower heads as the evaporating water residue allows the scale to form. These deposits begin to eat away at the fittings, chrome and brassware. They also begin to stain ceramics and porcelain. Scale contributes to the perishing of seals and rubber washers, too, so shower screens begin to leak, seals become brittle and valves become less serviceable, less easy to maintain and more prone to problems.

Scale damage or build-up can be unsightly, damaging and costly when not treated, so book an appointment now to get it checked.

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More On Scale Damage

We fit scale reducers as standard with all our new boiler installations and this helps protect the new appliance from limescale formation. We also fit and recommend whole house de-scalers which can be magnetic or electrolytic and fitted to the incoming main. These help to reduce scale formation.

For an even more comprehensive approach to scale, homeowners should consider whole house water softeners. These are slightly different and a step on in terms of what they do to prevent scale. They are larger units that usually sit under kitchen or utility room worktops and need periodic dosing with softening salts. Water softeners change the chemical composition of the water so that scale will no longer form at all. The taste and the way the water lathers up with soap also changes. Some households retain a hard water by-pass pipe for drinking water although this is purely personal preference. Water softeners, then, require more space and a small amount of on-going maintenance They also cost significantly more than the scale reducers mentioned above both to buy and to install.

Central heating systems are also prone to damage from their circulating water. In this case, the damage is usually done by what we call sludge or magnetite. It is a viscous black ferrous substance that builds up as a natural by-product in the heating pipes and radiators. We use chemicals, power-flushing and magnetic system filters to tackle and control this.

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