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A Boiler Service with WPJ is a fixed rate of £110+vat, or why not upgrade to one of our Care Plans.
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We cover South & West London – From Wandsworth to Westminster to Brixton and everywhere in between. Looking for boiler service London? We’re here to help. We are WPJ Heating, London’s leading plumbing and heating company. All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and trained to the highest standards. We always give our customers the best service and top quality workmanship. Book your boiler service appointment now.

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We are your local accredited installers in SW London for boilers by global industry leaders Worcester Bosch
and Vaillant. Here some popular boiler manufacturers we work with and install:

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Boiler Service London – Gas Appliance Care is Crucial for Several Reasons:

Boiler service in London is an essential aspect of home maintenance that often gets overlooked. Neglecting your boiler’s health can lead to various issues that can disrupt your daily life and, in extreme cases, compromise your safety. When searching for a boiler service, you’re taking a proactive step in ensuring your gas appliance’s longevity and functionality.

Regular boiler services in London not only extends your system’s lifespan but also improves its efficiency. A well-maintained boiler consumes less energy, reducing your utility bills. It also lowers your carbon footprint, benefiting the environment. Boiler services in London are critical for detecting and preventing potential safety hazards, like gas leaks or carbon monoxide emissions, which can be life-threatening.
Boiler checks should be performed annually to spot and rectify minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs.

Additionally, manufacturers often require annual servicing to maintain warranty validity. By investing in boiler service London, you’re safeguarding your home’s comfort, your wallet, and, most importantly, your family’s safety. So, don’t wait until problems arise, schedule your routine boiler service and enjoy peace of mind.


An annual boiler service is a requirement in order to maintain you gas appliance’s warranty. If a boiler necessary, a yearly boiler service is the only way you can make a claim to the manufacturer.


Boiler service safety is of utmost importance when it comes to any gas appliance in your home, like doing a boiler check. The only way to ensure your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is through proper maintenance and professional servicing every year with a boiler service.

Economic Performance

Fol all gas appliances, such as boilers, gas fires and hobs, professional servicing is essential to guarantee the best economic performance. Proper boiler service and maintenance will prolong the life of your appliances.

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What Our Boiler Service Includes:

WPJ Heating’s meticulous boiler service procedure will maintain your boiler and give you peace of mind. Our team carefully checks each of the functions during a boiler service, so you can be confident that with a yearly boiler check you won’t be faced with a breakdown in the middle of winter.

Each of the following steps are completed and all boiler services:

  • Carry out visual checks for any signs of spillage
  • Carry out safety checks to ensure correct operation of safety devices
  • Check pressure in system (where applicable) and top up where required
  • Check all radiators for correct operation. (vent as necessary)
  • Carry out gas rating test on the appliance to ensure correct operation
  • Ensure minimum working pressure can be achieved
  • Carry out flue gas analyser test to the appliance to check for safe operation
  • Clean out the condense trap on condensing boilers only
  • Clean out system filter where applicable
  • If the flue gas analyser result is ok that is all that is required
  • Carry out an Inspection of the flue and termination — ensure that where the flue is encased adequate inspection panels are installed to ensure that each flue joint can be inspected as per Regulations
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We work hard to provide the finest plumbing and heating care and we would love to do it for you.

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Get Peace of Mind With Our Engineers

We employ the best engineers that only work for us. They wear the WPJ brand on every single job and treat every
home with the utmost care and respect as if it were their own.

All our engineers are employed directly by us – so when you book a boiler service you can rest easy knowing you have peace of mind.

Many other installation companies use sub contractors for their engineers and installers which can compromise the quality of work, the care & attention they give to your home, the qualifications they carry, the experience they have, the insurance risks, consistency of work where more than one visit is required etc. You never know what kind of engineer will turn up on your doorstep when they are sub-contracted.

You know exactly what you are getting with a WPJ engineer!

Whoever you use, make sure you do a couple Of checks:
  • Check the status of the actual installer: Employed or sub-contractor?
  • If sub-contractor, check the qualification and ask to see insurance documents
  • See this article from Which? on how to find a good plumber

Read more about why WPJ are the right choice to look after your home:

Tricky boiler installations in South & West London

London properties, particularly those within the extended ULEZ zone, are much more likely to pose new boiler installation obstacles and challenges than properties further out, whether that be suburbs, smaller towns, villages or countryside.

We are the perfect partner to combat these common issues:

  • 20+ years working in London properties
  • London properties are different in age, construction and access than elsewhere
  • Replacing a boiler in a London property is not the same as elsewhere in the country
  • Ask us to provide a quote and we will show you our comprehensive approach and our great value
  • WPJ are tried and tested and will make a taxing job run smoothly

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