Keep Christmas joy flowing with these holiday plumbing tips

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You’ve opened advent window 22!

Last week, we wrote about how to troubleshoot heating emergencies this Christmas and keep your energy bills down. Christmas is now just a heartbeat away and that means cooking, eating and of course, unwanted waste in your hitchen drains and sewage. Given all the enjoyment and fun that’s in store over the next few days, here’s how to get through it all without it getting ruined by a clogged drain.

First things first, a reminder to bleed your radiators before any guests arrive. You want to make sure your heating and hot water is in excellent working condition and the strain of extra people won’t cause it to breakdown.

Now for some rapid fire suggestions:

Give your bathroom a quick makeover by simply adding new accessories and employing these organisation tips.

With all the cooking you’ll be doing, make sure sure that fats, oils and scraps don’t from make their way down the kitchen sink. Make sure your sink has a catcher and before soaking your oven trays and casserole dishes make sure to wipe away the oil with a paper towel, or sprinkle some flour over the tray to soak up the oil. Then scrape the residue into the bin, not down the sink.

To save on energy bills, run your machine only on full loads, not just for a few items.

Ask your guests to stagger showers and to make sure hot water is available for everyone to shower in the mornings, run your dishwasher late at night so showers don’t lose pressure while it’s in use.

Unclog any blockages using an old hanger if you don’t have a plunger.

Keep a lit candle or diffuser on at all times in the loo. That turkey will be delicious, the whole house doesn’t need to be reminded twice!

Enjoy a plumbing emergency free Christmas!

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