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A power flush is a process that gives your central heating system a thorough internal clean
and improves the central heating system’s performance; which often means that your heating system
will use less gas.

When power flushing you’ll get:

  • Efficiency restored back to optimum levels
  • Rust protected central heating system
  • Scale protected central heating system
  • Lower energy bills (especially if system is very dirty)

Rust protected central heating system

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power flushing

Why is a Power Flush needed?
Over time, your central heating system loses efficiency because sludge builds up in the heating pipes and radiators. This leads to poor circulation, lukewarm radiators and sometimes, system noise. A power flush cleanses the system using special magnetic filtration and chemical cleaners.

What happens in a Power Flush?
Using high pressure we pump cleaners through the pipework in both directions to loosen the harmful debris and drain it out of the system.

What are the results?
The result is a much more efficient central heating system that warms up faster and saves on household bills. As part of your regular system maintenance, we recommend a power flush be conducted every 8 – 10 years and in particular during a new boiler installation. Be aware, power flushes may expose weaknesses in badly corroded radiators or fittings. This could cause leaks to appear on older style radiators.

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