Central Heating myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding Central Heating. Over the years we have heard them all. Today we are going to try and dispel 5 of the most common Central Heating myths.

1: The most expensive boiler is always the best

This is the oddest one to us. The price of a boiler doesn’t always mean it is the best. The key to any good boiler is to get it serviced annually and having a warranty, or even better an 8-year guarantee like those offered by us on all the Worcester Bosch boilers we install.

2: The bigger the boiler, the more heat

A bigger boiler will push out more heat, but if your radiators are small, the amount of heat you receive will be the same as with a small boiler. Having the biggest boiler on the block is not energy efficient or even practical. The size of your boiler and entire system should be related to the size of your home.

3: I am cold, so I need bigger radiators

Again similar to the bigger boiler myth, the bigger the radiator doesn’t mean more heat. If your system is not getting hot, this could be the sign of other issues. Installing a massive radiator is expensive and doesn’t create comfortable heat. Also a larger radiator can cause your boiler to be overworked and it may not be powerful enough to actually heat up because your boiler may only be capable of a certain output.

4: My system is new, so I do not need any protection

When you purchase a new car, you want to make sure you have some sort of cover plan if something goes wrong. Driving your car can be a daily chore lasting an hour or two a day. Your boiler is used daily for many hours, when washing dishes, washing clothes, taking showers/baths and heating your home. Given the amount of hours your boiler works everyday, not having some sort of cover plan seems foolish. Plus you need to get your boiler serviced annually just to make sure after all the work your boiler has done, it is still in tip-top shape.

5: Combination boilers do not give you a very good shower and are not suitable for large houses

With people taking more showers than baths these days, the myth is easily dispelled. Combination boilers give instantaneous hot water and do not store water like a traditional cylinder system. This is a far more cost effective way to get hot water so you are using what you need and not heating a large body of water and then not using it all. Think of a combi boiler like you would a kettle. You don’t need to heat a full kettle for a single cup of tea.

If you have any questions regarding any of these myths or other questions about central heating, call 020 7350 2511 and schedule one of our engineers to come out to check your heating system and find the most efficient way to heat your water and your home.

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