Clogged drain

At least once in your life you will encounter a kitchen or bath drain that clogs up. You can run to the nearest shop and get a harsh chemical to pour down there and erode whatever is causing the clog, or bust out the plunger to try and push down the clog or  mix baking soda and vinegar for a homemade remedy. In theory those 3 methods can work, but not always. And one can cause disastrous long-term damage if overused.

We have all been in the shop and seen plastic bottles with flashy labels guaranteeing to unclog any drain in just a few minutes. If you read the warning labels carefully, you want to make sure it never touches your skin. Harsh chemicals being repeatedly poured down your drain can cause severe damage to your pipes and fittings, costing you thousands of pounds in replacement costs.

When the sink doesn’t drain, the first instinct is to run and grab the plunger. It is almost like magic, the water will either slowly recede or quickly do so. But you can encounter discolored water and a smell from residue that was sitting in the trap. You have now unclogged the drain, but the cause of the problem is unknown, and it could be serious.

I remember in chemistry mixing many different chemicals together trying to create some sort of reaction. If you mix vinegar and baking soda, it does cause a reaction that will help loosen up any clogs and then pouring boiling water will help flush out the clog.

All 3 of the above methods can work to unclog drains, but understanding what is causing the clog and fixing it is key. If you repeatedly have to do any or all 3 of these methods to unclog your drains, call in a professional. Having to repeatedly do this could be the sign of a serious problem and should be checked out. If you are in Southwest London call 020 7350 2511 and one of our plumbers can come out, diagnose what is causing the clog to save you from having to expose you and your pipes to hash chemicals, clean up splashes from a wild plunger accident or stop you practicing your chemistry over the sink.

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