Decorating with Red – A simple picture guide.

decorating with red

Decorating with Red

We’ve got you covered with this straightforward guide to decorating with red.

It’s a bold move. Choosing to decorate with red is like standing on your roof and shouting, “look at me, I know what I’m doing”! If you love red, and want to use it in your home decor, make sure to do your research, make a plan and don’t over do it.

Source: Design Improvised

If you want to make a more subtle statement with the colour red, use bright red plants paired with a vase in a contrasting cool colour to make them pop and draw the eye.

Red conveys very strong emotions. But use it with taste, because it can go from passionate, warm and cheery to angry and combative very quickly. Before choosing to use red at all, plan your choices very carefully. Are you going to use red as a feature or an accent? Block reds or patterns? We’ve got a few choice examples below.

Decorating with red - furniture

Source: Oxford Design Studio

Using red furniture against a backdrop of grey or silver will really make the room stand out. The dining table above is vintage, it was simply painted and repurposed. If you’ve got old furniture you want to bring to life, give them a coat of high shine paint in a bright colour and you’re in business.

Source: Decor Demon

Decorating with red themes

If you’re feeling a bit more brave, you can design a whole room around the theme red. Red walls or a red carpet can give a room warmth and make it feel homey and inviting, without being over the top.

Source: House Beautiful

This example from housebeautiful.com shows a balanced use of bright red with patterned fabrics in this traditional country house.

Source: AD Blog

This bold bathroom has gone with red as the feature colour. The plain white walls help make sure the design stays simple, in spite of the strong colours of the bathroom furniture and mirror. Speak with your bathroom installer to explore colour options in your bathroom design.

Decorating with red accents

Source: Netwerk 24

If you don’t want to go overboard with red, but still use it as an accent to give your room a feature, buy art or picture frames that use a lot of red.

Bold colour choices in your home are possible, you just need to be inspired and don’t overdo it!

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