You should never DIY at the weekend. Here’s why.

The weekend is prime DIY time… You just have to check out the car parks in Wickes or Homebase to see that.

And it’s Monday morning when we receive all of the panicked phone calls full of regret.

You see, when people opt to do it themselves rather than calling in a professional, a whole flood of things can go wrong – and by Monday, the damage is only more severe and more expensive.

If you spot any of the following issues in your home, do the right thing and don’t attempt to fix them yourself.

Jobs for a plumber

  • Carrying out gas repairs
    More than 2001 people go to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning every year in the UK – and 40 of those people die. Just like water, gas will always find a way to escape. So whilst you may think you’ve successfully cut off the gas supply and moved your stove or water heater, you may not have sealed it up completely, and your entire family could be in danger.
  • Fixing a water leak
    If there’s a way out, water will find it, so only ever replace a leaky showerhead or faucet if you’re 100% confident about doing so. The truth is that your plumber is well versed in these types of replacements and repairs, and they don’t cost all that much to fix, so calling your local plumbing company is the best route to take to prevent the leak turning in to a full grown flood.
  • Modifying your plumbing system
    Never attempt to extend your hot water lines or re-route your sewer system because working with hot water means dealing with copper pipes and a blowtorch, and it’s much safer for an experienced plumber to apply this process.
  • Removing leaves from your drains
    In theory, unblocking your pipes and drains of stray leaves is a relatively easy task to complete, but lugging tools up and down tall ladders to reach your roof is tiring work – and one ill-judged step could cost you broken bones, or worse. That’s why it’s best to call out an insured expert instead.

Jobs for an electrician

  • Minor electric repairs
    Although you may be able to install a ceiling fan or replace a light fitting after turning off the electricity supply at the master switch, all electric repairs should be approached with extreme caution by a professional to reduce the risk of electric shocks and fire.
  • Extending or replacing circuits
    One wrong move and your house could go up in flames – so always call a qualified electrician if your electric circuits require attention.
  • Anything that requires a permit or involves building regulations
    Some electricity repairs or installations require a permit, particularly if the work is to be carried out on public premises or on those that affect neighbouring buildings and lives, so hire a professional to ensure all of the legalities are covered. Not doing so could have serious legal repercussions or prevent you from putting your home on the property market at a later date.

Jobs for an asbestos removal company

  • Any suspected asbestos should be removed by a specialist abatement team
    Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material that was used in domestic and commercial buildings for its insulating properties between the 1950s and 1990s. The substance is highly toxic and should only ever be removed by an expert team to avoid endangering yourself, your loved ones and your neighbours.

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