How to identify if a boiler needs to be fixed?

If you are a Londoner, you know how chilly it gets during winters, therefore, you need a well-functioning boiler. Boiler problems are expensive but can be potentially dangerous if left unchecked. Here are the few signs indicating that you may need boiler repair.


Takes longer time to heat up:


Usually, the boiler starts within a few seconds if it takes a few minutes to get started, you need to get a boiler check. If the water takes a lot of time to heat, a boiler fix is required as consistent servicing can help in avoiding this problem.


Strange noises:


The boiler do make noise while functioning, you get accustomed to it but when it makes rumbling sound, it is time to call for a boiler service. If you hear some unexpected mechanical sounds like knocking or whistling, its an indication that boiler requires repairing. It may be due to faulty fan, heat exchanger or broken pump that boiler makes unusual sounds, if left unattended you have to replace it.


Odd smell:


If you notice any unusual smell coming out of the boiler, it is a red signal for a gas leak. You should approach the experts to get the boiler fixed on time.


Water leaks:


If you see water pooling around the boiler, search for the boiler service to fix this problem. The leaks can also destroy your property or furniture hence boiler should be consistently checked.


High cost:


If there is a sudden rise in the electricity bills, it is a sign that your boiler is not working properly. When the boiler works inefficiently, the energy cost increases, therefore, regular maintenance is required.


If you have observed the above-mentioned indicators, contact the experts providing boiler service in London. Act fast, as any delay can worsen the problem and require boiler replacement.