How to retrieve jewellery lost down the sink

It’s that hand in mouth moment. You’re happily washing your hands in the sink one minute…and the next? You hear a gentle clunk and that antique ring your great aunt gave you is devoured by the plughole.

It’s not necessarily gone forever though. Follow our four-step guide to retrieve your jewellery from down the sink.


Turn off the water as soon as you realise your jewellery is missing. This will prevent it from being washed any further down the drain.


You may find your jewels caught in clogs of hair just below the plughole cover, so if you’ve got a strong magnet at hand, try using it to coax your jewellery back through magnetic pull.

Alternatively, you can unravel a coat hanger, slide it into the plughole and try to hook your jewellery out using a torch to light the way.

If neither of these tips work, prepare yourself, because things are about to get messy.


Lost jewellery is most commonly found in the U-bend underneath the sink.

Place a bucket under the U-bend to catch the water that is about to be released, then gently unscrew the slip nuts at each end.

Tip the contents of the U-bend into your bucket and (hopefully!) you’ll be reunited with your lost treasure.


If you don’t hear the clunking sound of your jewels returning to you (or if you’re concerned that you may do more harm than good) it’s time to call out a local plumber who can safely disassemble your plumbing and help you locate your cherished jewellery.

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