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Low Water Pressure?

It can be exasperating to deal with low water pressure and a weak water flow in your home, particularly when other members of the household are running water at the same time. Many homeowners throughout London are forced to deal with having low-pressure showers, waiting at length for baths to fill, and having constant water temperature fluctuations, all as a result of low water pressure.

What Causes Low Water Pressure or Weak Water Flow?

Problems with water pressure and water flow can often be attributed to one cold water main being responsible for supplying multiple homes in one building; in London, for example, where many converted flats are supplied by one old mains pipe, low water pressure is a widespread problem.

The one small lead main struggles to meet the demand of all the water being drawn simultaneously in the different flats of the building, and the result can be extremely frustrating for occupants whose taps or showers may unexpectedly run dry or yield no more than a trickle. A poor incoming main supply can also lead to fluctuations in pressure and flow, especially in properties with several bathrooms.

How We Can Help!

To provide your home with an increased flow and pressure, WPJ Heating can supply and fit high-performance accumulators which are specifically designed to combat this common water supply problem. First, our experienced technicians will test your incoming main supply and water pressure levels to determine the best accumulator system to meet your demands.

For properties with a main supply that cannot satisfy their water demand, we can also install booster pumps that are fully compliant with water bylaws. To deliver an increased water supply, booster pumps allow your home to draw more water in from the street. This is done using the pump’s closed and pressurised expansion tank, with water being pulled in via charger units that can be fitted where the water main enters your property.

How Accumulators Work

Accumulators are excellent upgrades for any home; not only do they work effectively and reliably to give you a strong water flow and high water pressure, but they are silent and require no electrics. An accumulator is installed on the incoming main supply and its controlled action diaphragm fills with mains pressurised water during low-demand periods, like late at night or during the day while everyone is at work. In this way, the accumulator holds stored, pressurised water in reserve until times of peak demand, when the diaphragm contracts to push the water out and deliver the extra water needed to maintain optimum pressure and flow. This straightforward mechanism stabilises and increases water pressure and water flow throughout your home without any need for a power supply, drainage or costly maintenance.

For more information on WPJ Heating’s accumulator and booster pump supply and installation services, call us on 020 7350 2511, book an appointment or leave your number above.

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