3 Steps to kick off this year’s spring cleaning like a pro!

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Spring cleaning! Summer is approaching and the season of barbecues and garden parties is upon us. It’s time to declutter and and air out your home.

Throw old things away and start fresh. Let’s get started:

Spring Cleaning: Your Closet

Firstly, clothes are the hardest to give away. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “I’ll soon fit into that again” or “I’ve only worn that once”. So you refuse to throw away that spandex looking skirt you wore that one time you went to the U2 concert.  Truth is, you’re never going to wear that skirt again, and when you do lose that excess 9lbs, you’ll be updating your style anyway and still won’t be wearing that dressSo chuck it. Just do it, you will have so much more headspace and an excellent excuse to go shopping. There is something absolutely cathartic about an organised home.  Here are some experts’ tips:

Lay out all your clothes on the bed

Sort them into piles – work, weekend, going out

Once again into piles you’ve won in the last month, 6 months and year

Sort them one more time – keeping, not sure, donate/sell

If you haven’t worn it in two years, donate or sell it. Don’t be emotionally attached. Unless there are genuine sentimental reasons. Obviously.

Spring Cleaning: Electronics

First of all, throw away the packaging. Some people keep the packaging for items they’ve bought just in case they need to return it. Go through the loft with all those empty boxes. Recycle the boxes of any appliances with expired warranty.

Spring Cleaning: Electronics

Source: Ali Express

Next, recycle electronics that don’t work and can’t be fixed. And use cable clips to organise your wires.

Spring Cleaning: Everything else

The principle is the same. Go through your drawers, shelves and cupboards to find recyclable items. Over the years, we tend to gather clutter that we won’t use, but somehow are attached to. Organising your home is one of the first steps to organising your life.

Spring Cleaning: Everything Else

Source: Kmart

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