Taxi app to offer pizza deliveries and plumbing services

Get Taxi, a taxi-hailing service based in London, has set its sights on the food, beauty and home services industries, offering customers the ability to order a takeaway, a plumber or even a massage along with their usual cab ride.

The operation is all part of Get Taxi’s plans to rebrand and expand.

Get Taxi is now called Gett, and Gett’s CEO and founder Sarah Waiser has said: “For the last four years, we’ve been known for getting you professional and safe transportation solutions.

“Gett is expanding into new verticals – think Gett Pizza, Gett Sushi, Gett Grocery, Gett Wine, Gett Flowers, Gett Dry Cleaning and Gett Plumber – while, of course, keeping our popular Gett Black Taxi with a ‘no surge’ promise.”

Launching in July throughout 32 cities, including London, New York, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Moscow and Tel Aviv, the app will provide customers with the ‘on demand’ service once Gett is downloaded onto a user’s smartphone and they have entered payment details.

This is the latest modernisation of the traditional taxi service in an ongoing ‘taxi-war’ raging throughout the UK, driven primarily by the controversial cab app Uber, which has been criticised of causing the early extinction of the iconic black cab by undercutting them on fares.

Gett, however, pledges only to work with black taxi services.

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