6 things your plumber won’t tell you

Most plumbers would keep this stuff schtum but we believe in honesty.

These are the six things your plumber won’t tell you.

  1. Monday is our busiest day
    It’s when we get calls from frantic customers whose significant other has messed up the plumbing during a weekend DIY job!
  2. How to locate the stopcock
    Would you know how to turn off the water supply in an emergency? We’ll help you find the stopcock and show you how to operate it – after all, it could be all that’s standing between you and a flooded home.
  3. Buy a drain strainer or hair snare
    Hair is one of the prime suspects in many blocked shower drain cases. Using a hair snare, or even just wiping loose strands out of the plughole after use, can save you a lot of trouble.
  4. Flushable wipes are not really flushable
    They just don’t break down fast enough like regular toilet paper does. So please, chuck them in the bin to avoid a blocked loo.
  5. A dripping tap can waste enough water to fill a bath every day1
    Each drip may seem insignificant to you now, but if you don’t get a leaky shower or tap seen to sooner rather than later, you’ll pay for it by the time the water bill comes.
  6. Quality may come at a slightly higher price
    Too often, under qualified plumbers reel customers in with cheap prices and then end up charging them more in call-back fees when something goes wrong. By choosing a plumbing company with a reputation for good work carried out by professional engineers, you may pay a little more upfront but it’s likely to save you money and stress in the long run.

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