Upgrade Your Home’s Comfort: The Benefits of Boiler Replacement


Just like any household appliance, your boiler won’t last forever and will eventually require an upgrade. A well-maintained modern domestic heating system can last between 10 to 15 years, especially with regular maintenance and servicing by a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer. However, you don’t need to wait until it reaches its 10th or 15th year to consider its replacement. If your boiler is more trouble than it’s worth, it might be time for a boiler replacement. Don’t hesitate to contact us at WPJ Heating for expert advice.

Should you replace your boiler?

Replacing a boiler means upgrading your home’s warmth and comfort. One of our specialities is combi boiler installation in London. With our help, you can update your heating system and enjoy the following perks:

Lower operating costs

At WPJ Heating, we offer only the best boilers from leading manufacturers and brands like Worcester, Glow-worm, Ideal, Keston, and Vaillant because we are confident in their quality, performance, and energy efficiency. As long as it’s the correct size for your home, a boiler replacement can be more cost-effective and bring energy savings to you.

Efficient heating

The latest combi boilers provide highly efficient heating without needing a separate tank and provide hot water on demand. Plus, they are more compact for London homes that lack space, such as apartments and smaller houses, and they are typically more cost-effective to set up, thanks to their simpler design.

That said, your home needs good mains water pressure for a combi boiler installation in London. Additionally, it cannot provide a lot of hot water to multiple taps simultaneously. Feel free to consult us here at WPJ Heating for a survey to help you make an informed choice. Don’t worry because we offer other options if a combi boiler isn’t for you.

Get better guarantees

We are proud of our Diamond status in Worcester Bosch’s WAI Scheme, meaning we’re accredited to work on their boilers. This is the highest category and allows us to provide you with the longest guarantee of up to 12 years when you choose a Worcester Bosch boiler replacement.

A more durable model

A combi boiler installation in London will provide your home with a better, long-lasting heating system. Just be sure to keep it well-maintained and serviced at least once a month. We offer care plans to take the guesswork out of maintaining your new boiler.

A chance to spread out the payments

Are you worried about the cost of a combi boiler installation in London? We understand that a boiler replacement can be expensive, especially if it’s an unexpected expense.

The good news is that we offer flexible payment options to make it easier to afford a new system. At WPJ Heating, we offer 3 ways to pay for a boiler replacement so you don’t have to wait. We work with Novuna Consumer Finance to spread the cost of the new appliance over a period of time according to your budget, especially when you choose a Worcester Bosch boiler. Ask us about these payment plans when considering a combi boiler installation in London.

Are you ready to replace your boiler?

Let WPJ take care of your new combi boiler installation in London and experience all the benefits here. As a Worcester-accredited installer, we are highly trained and up-to-date with the manufacturer’s standards to ensure a proper, high-quality installation every time. Plus, we’re allowed to extend your boiler’s guarantee for up to 12 years for additional peace of mind. Call 020 7352 2511 to schedule your boiler replacement with one of our Gas Safe Registered heating engineers.