What is the Importance of Boiler Check?

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A boiler breakdown can cost you a lot in repairing equipment and even more for additional business losses and property damage. Frequent boiler check is vital and it is the law, mostly administered by the state, however in certain cases, administered by city and municipality. Certified inspector’s conduct these checks, however, the maintenance of boilers are done by HVAC contractors, maintenance personnel or building engineers.

Safety problems and building damage

Most boiler failures are instigated due to a malfunction low water cut-off, bad maintenance, and corrosion or operator error. Thus, appropriately functioning safety or control devices should be installed. However, the only way one can be sure that they are working when required is to frequently carry out a boiler check, boiler maintenance, inspecting and testing.

Boiler failures disrupt service to a building, its occupants and their processes and this can result in considerable damage to other equipment, the contents of the building and the building itself. Failure at some point in peak heating season can lead to the cost of repairing damage, the systems of the facility and the contents which would surpass the repair or replacement cost. Regular and proper inspections can help prevent such situations.

Proper function

Frequent boiler check is significant for energy efficiency and proper function. Boilers use more energy and are the second most energy-using systems next to HVAC systems. Inefficient operation signifies wasted energy and amplified operating costs.

Extend pressure value life

Frequent inspections can help in extending the pressure vessel’s life. This is particularly true when you take into consideration the fact that boilers are often a major investment and that they cost you upwards of $150,000 or more for industrial models.

Safety devices are made to prevent dangerous situations from developing into disasters, but only proper maintenance can prevent unsafe operating conditions from arising, at all.


Boiler maintenance needs vary by applications and specifications of the boiler, but, every boiler needs regular typical maintenance!