What You Can Expect From New Boiler Installation

Boiler Replacement

Boilers tend to last for 10 years at least; however, you might be at a point wherein you require replacing your boiler. Whether it is just since your old one is not functioning anymore or you would rather opt for an upgraded, newer model, new boiler installation is a procedure that needs planning. The best commercial heating experts can guide you through the process. Here are certain things that you should expect during installation. 

Preparing for installation

Prior to the start of the installation, a Gas Safe Engineer will first inspect the place and discuss the setup that best works for you. This involves doing a thorough survey of the region. To ascertain the right size of the boiler, the expert will assess the number of bathrooms, rooms, and radiators that exist and the number of people who are typically inside the space. The engineer will discuss your preferences and explain what they have found from the survey. This will help you decide on the best boiler for your place and its installation cost. 

The installation procedure

The engineer will clean the central heating system to eliminate any debris. He/she might perform a power flush or chemical flush and adjust the pipe work, and reconfigure it to reduce the heat loss of the boiler. The expert will do the new boiler installation at the agreed location. It will be connected to the main supply, water outlets, and radiators. 


After the installation, the technician will do some system checks to ensure that the boiler works properly and also look for potential leaks to check if the pressure of the gas is in the appropriate range. The engineer will allow you to do some testing in front of them so that you can see for yourself if it is functioning according to your requirements.  


Whilst you can by now relax and enjoy the boiler installation as it warms up the space, you still need to book boiler service London once every year so that your boiler can run in top condition.