When is it the Right Time for A Boiler Service?

Worcester Bosch service

A common mistake in seeking a boiler service is waiting until something goes wrong. However, potential problems can be prevented in the long run with regular servicing, which is important to ensure that the warranty remains valid. But how often should you do it exactly? Does that mean each month or every year? It can be not easy to tell, considering that every home is different in terms of how the heating appliance is used. So, here are some pointers to make sure that you get it done correctly and efficiently:


  • Ideally, you should get it serviced at least once a year – Schedule a boiler service with a reputable plumber and heating engineer annually. This should ensure that the appliance is in proper working condition and wear and tear and be limited. Annual servicing is also critical to avoid voiding the warranty of a new boiler and to keep your home insurance valid.


  • Get it serviced when you move – You will want to consider having the boiler serviced after moving into a new house. You don’t always know the actual condition of every appliance in the new property or when it was last serviced, so it’s crucial to rely on a heating engineer for advice. This should also help prevent unwanted issues down the line. The boiler service could reveal any existing issues, which the previous homeowners may have failed to address.


  • Summertime is the best time – We mentioned earlier that it’s best to have your boiler serviced annually. Now, it’s best to schedule it in the summer when you may not need to rely on hot water too much. This also ensures that the appliance will be up and running in good condition in time for the colder months. So, be sure to book your boiler service around July or August.


  • You’re noticing problems – Get it serviced immediately if you see that the boiler is working inefficiently. That way, you can avoid costly problems down the line.