5 Easy Steps to a Brand New Bathroom. [Without breaking the bank]

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A new bathroom is possible

It’s time to debunk the myth that to have a luxurious look & feel, you need to invest in a whole new bathroom installation. Not true. In 5 simple steps you can completely overhaul your bathroom without having to hire plumbers and contractors. We’ve collected 5 ways to achieve this without breaking the bank. Let’s jump in:

1. Deep Clean.

It’s amazing how transformed your bathroom can become if you simply roll your sleeves up and apply some elbow grease. Surprisingly, you can use random things you would normally have under your kitchen sink to remove irritating stains from soap scum, grout and limescale. Here are a few things we found to get your new bathroom by giving it an incredible deep clean:

Baby oil.

After using a mixture of freshly squeezed lemon juice and washing up liquid to wash your taps, wiping them down with baby oil can keep them sparkling. Removing nasty limescale and soap scum stains. No need to call a plumber to fit new faucets.


Clean your mirrors with old newspapers. According to grandparents.com this isn’t an old wives tale. Newspapers with soy based ink can clean your mirrors better than ordinary paper towels. Without needing to purchase glass cleaner.

Fix your shower heads.

According to Lifeisanepisode.com, you can fix a leaky shower head yourself. Limescale buildup can also cause your shower heads to leak. To remove limescale from your shower head, squeeze lemon juice into a bag, put the shower head inside the bag and tie it securely. Leave for 24 hours, and you should see an improvement. Read more instructions here

2. Organise Everything.

Image from: Cherished Bliss

Putting your bathroom in order by hiding your hygiene and beauty products in a cupboard or clearing away junk can lift your bathroom and give it a luxurious feel. Some tips curtesy of cherishedbliss.com:

– use open shelves

– put your towels in storage baskets

– use soap dispensers

The rest is simple. Now that the hard bit is done, all that’s left is the fun stuff, like adding colour, getting creative and buying plants. Let’s move on.

3. Get Crafty.

image from: Blog Lovin

Firstly, if your shower head is leaking, you can fix it yourself with tips from lifeisaneipsode.com. Don’t be afraid to take on DIY projects like painting your taps and other metal finishings black, or spray painting tile grout with gold or copper glitter. It’ll add a touch of class and sparkle! Easy instructions can be found at blessherhouse.com

4. Colour Scheme.

Pick a colour scheme for your bathroom. Let your towels complement your bath mats and shower curtain. It does a lot and it’s pleasing to the eye. It’s also a great opportunity to show off your personality with a splash of colour.

5. Add Life.

Simply lighting a candle, adding a plant and bringing fragrances into your bath room will make you want to spend more time in there. A diffuser will add that touch of class.

Spend Time in your new bathroom

Take these simple steps and you’ll notice the difference and immediately want to spend all your time in your sparkling new bathroom!

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