4 Stunning Bathrooms found in Notting Hill

Bathroom installation london

We’ve seen so many bathrooms in our days, and we love them! We love how creative people can get with their private spaces. The bathrooms we have chosen are all located in Notting Hill and we have chosen them because they are creative, quirky and personal.

A mint blue dream! We love the effortless look of this space. Every piece is simple yet gorgeous on its own, it makes for an impeccable bathroom.

The brief was probably ‘Something like Cuba…but marble’

When classic meets modern at its best. This charming pearl is located in Holland Park and has a bathroom that’s luxurious and classy without feeling cold. Also, those tiles with that bathtub are a complete jackpot! The space is designed by Spencer & Wedekind. We are impressed!

Holland Park

Who says you can’t be in wonderland every day? If you want to feel like Alice – every bathroom visit can feel like falling down the rabbit hole!

There are a lot of elements in this bathroom that are impressive. The geometric tiles obviously stand out with their colours but there’s much more to it. The dark pink on the bathtub matching the tiles and the use of different materials such as wood and frosted glass. And that lamp? It’s a Moooi Heracleum Pendent Light. Very charmed by this space!

London Townhouse, Notting Hill

Stunning bathtub by Drummonds Bathrooms, 642 King’s Road, SW6 2DU London

That wall is beautiful!

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