Showers, showers, showers!

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There are so many different showers out there, it’s a jungle! There are digital showers, mixer showers, electric showers, you name it. Here is an inspirational guide to some fine showers we’ve come across…

Aquatique Thermo is a mixer shower by Aqualisa that offers adjustable shower and drencher heads. It’s made of high quality brass with both exposed and concealed valves available. It comes in a chrome or gold finish and the drencher heads can be found in 5” and 8”. We really like Aquatique Thermo’s classic and sophisticated style, definitely a stunning addition to a rustic looking bathroom.



Aside from its sleek design, Mira’s digital showers allow you to select exact temperature and the flow rate of your shower. It offers an Eco function if you wish to limit the flow and reduce your water usage. Mira’s 360 showerhead comes in three different designs and thanks to the Flipstream™ Technology the 360 showerhead rotates and offers four different sprays: rain, cloud, storm and burst. Well, let’s be honest, goodbye Eco function, hello burst!!!

Just going to have a shower...four times...

Just going to have a shower…four times…


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The Mira 360 range is complimented with Mira Shelves and can be used as parking sockets for the shower head to replace the conventional slide bar.

The Rainshower F-series from Grohe is just stunning! And luxurious! As always when it comes to Grohe. There is too much to choose from to mention it all here but here are some sneak peaks:




Attention rain shower lovers: If you want a proper rain shower you’ll need the right kit behind the scenes – ask for a cold water MainsBoost accumulator from TWS.

A little bit of English manufacturing history: SAMUEL HEATH

Samuel Heath factory in Birmingham, England

Samuel Heath factory in Birmingham, England

Samuel Heath was established in 1820 and is a British manufacturer that began as a traditional brass founder. Today Samuel Heath is manufacturing bathroom accessories, taps, showers and architectural hardware and has become internationally renowned for innovation and quality.

On the process: ‘Each piece is meticulously formed from the purest Northern European solid brass which is then polished by hand to create a flawless finish before undergoing a high quality electroplating process. Attention to detail dictates that each product is then assembled, checked and packed by skilled individuals. All of these processes take place at the company’s Birmingham factory ensuring total control over manufacturing, quality and environmental responsibility.’

Samuel Heath is located in the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.

The Fairfield line - Wooden levers enhance the organic feeling of Fairfield's curvilinear design.

The Fairfield line – Wooden levers enhance the organic feeling of Fairfield’s curvilinear design.

Samuel Heath and Royal Crown Derby collaborated for a collection that exemplifies the very best of British Design and Manufacturing.

Local recommendation: BURGE & GUNSON
We recommend Burge & Gunson in SW19, they are London’s largest independent bathroom specialists. They know it all and they stock all the brands mentioned above!

Happy showering!

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