Tips for Luxury in London: Living Room Upgrade

Source: Pottery Barn Tips for Luxury

Tips for luxury Living

Luxury is less about what you spend than how you feel. You can make you living room feel more like a luxury hotel with these 9 simple tips.

Make Luxury Statements

Centre Pieces 

Choose a statement coffee table that looks expensive. It may look expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s amazing what you can find if you wander through thrift shops and Saturday markets. You can find re – purposed or vintage furniture that

tips for luxury

Source: Pottery Barn

Statement Wall

A statement wall will also do the job of making your living room look insanely expensive. Statement walls are designed to draw the eye, and they’ll make you feel like your home was styled by an artist! Make statements using art, mirrors or even plants.

Tips for luxury

Standing lamps and study or reading corners make a statement about how you live. A corner to relax in can actually in itself be relaxing and luixrious.

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Use Metallics

Metallics are in style right now. Adding copper or gold touches to your living room can give a feeling of luxury chic.

Go Retro

Key retro pieces can also make a serious luxury statement. They say that you’re clued up and confident in your own style.

Mix Textures

Luxury is all about comfort. But too often when it comes to cushions, we focus on picking different colours. Use a mix of patterns, colours and textures to change things up. It will go a long way towards that warm, comfortable home that’s worth living in.

Add Plants

We’ve talked extensively about plants and how they make a difference to the feel of your home.

Add Culture

Travelled recently? Picked up a sculpture or two from a market in Casablanca or an art fair in Accra?  Don’t leave them in your loft or storage cupboard, add them to your living room strategically to help you go down luxury lane  from time to time.

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