Boiler Services You Should Not Do Yourself


Boilers often cause problems when not properly maintained. It can be a plumbing issue or a radiator showing improper heat transfer to the room. There are many issues that households often try to fix on their own. This is what professional plumbers and boiler services do not want the homeowners to do. A boiler service should be hired for such issues. Here is where you should not intervene to avoid accidents and damage to the appliance:

Things you should do on your own

  1.     Replacing a thermostat or control panel

The prime element of a boiler is the thermostat installed in the control panel. If the thermostat is not responding accordingly, do not try to replace it on your own. It can cause damage to the control panel and can cost you dearly.

  1.     Tampering boilers that are in warranty period

Even if the boilers are showing abnormal symptoms, you should not tamper with the machine in warranty period. Your tampering will make you lose your warranty services. Boilers generally come with a considerable warranty period. A boiler service is provided for free within this period. You might lose the free service and have to bear the cost.

  1.     Do not tamper with the radiator

A boiler is connected with the radiators in every room. If the radiator is not giving proper heat to the rooms, do not try to fix it on your own. Just check the valves superficially and try to solve the issue. If you are unsuccessful, call a professional service for boiler and radiator repairing.

  1.     Installation of a boiler

There is no need to install a new boiler and set the plumbing system. A simple fault can lead to a disaster.


This is the list of boiler service you need to avoid doing yourself and call a professional!