Everything about Boiler Replacement

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The majority of homes in the UK are heated in two particular ways; using boilers or furnaces. Older boilers are less efficient compared to furnaces; the water has to reach a certain temperature compared to standard heaters. But, there are new, high-efficient alternatives that are available in the market today. If you are opting for a boiler replacement, there are certain things that you need to know first:

The problem with boilers

If the boiler needs to be changed, you will notice some signs that will tell you that the boiler has some issues. At times, all they need is a quick fix; however, they could be cautioning you of imminent failure.

Boiler failure signs:

The lifespan of the boiler

There are some different kinds of boilers that are used in every household and they all have a different lifetime. Condensing boilers are the latest addition and their lifespan cannot be determined properly, though they are anticipated to last for 15 years at least. Cast iron residential boilers can last anywhere between 20 and 30 years and probably even longer with appropriate maintenance and care. But, they are less efficient compared to the condensing boilers, thus while you might pay more for a new boiler unit, the efficiency savings can help reimburse everything after a few years.

Energy expenditures

As the boiler starts to age, the efficiency will drop too, and your energy bills will start to rise. Once the boiler reaches an uncommon high point, your boiler system has likely made it to the end of its own life. Thus, you need to look for a boiler replacement.

Service calls

Any equipment piece will require maintenance and small repairs now and then. However, if you require making unusually frequent calls to the contractor for boiler issues, it means you have simply reached a point wherein you should consider boiler replacement.


If you have observed a variation in temperature all through the day, particularly in various parts of the house, then there’s likelihood that your boiler unit can no longer function properly. You need to opt for boiler replacement as soon as possible!