Dusty pink or else called “millennial pink” or “rose quartz” was the colour of the year for 2017, 2016 or as far back as 2014 depending on who you ask. No doubt this colour has been about for a while. Even though it’s reached its peak in 2018, what happens to all of us who went out and bought dusty pink furniture, painted our walls pink, or changed all our bed linen to some variation of dusty freakin’ pink? We’ve collected pics from all over the web showing different ways to update your use of pink throughout your home.

Dusty Pink and Grey Bedroom

dusty pink bedding

Source: Doctor Kish

This bedroom uses pink to contrast the main white and grey colours. Pink doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelming. Just a touch of it can go a long way. Here, a blanket is enough.

Dusty Pink and Grey Living Room

dusty pink living room

Source: Styleroom.se

This living room is another great example of a style that uses touches of pink, rather than making it the main colour. There are also hints of metallic rose gold, which achieves the same effect, with a different spin.

Pink and Grey Art

Dusty Pink Art

Source: Living Room Ideas

Sometimes art is all you need to introduce this colour into your living room’s style.

Pink Bathrooms

Pink Bathroom

Source: House Beautiful

This all pink room does the business. It’s a great idea for a guest bathroom, where the loud but not overwhelming colours can be a nice surprise, an escape even. Using different shades of the same colour achieves this effect.

Dusty Pink and Teal

Source: The Spruce

Here a delicate balance is achieved using grey, pink and teal.

Dusty Pink Furniture and Walls

dusty pink furniture

Source: Brissi

Pink table

Source: Circal Lighting

Finally, this simple, modern design uses varying shades of pink to bring the room together

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Tips for luxury Living

Luxury is less about what you spend than how you feel. You can make you living room feel more like a luxury hotel with these 9 simple tips.

Make Luxury Statements

Centre Pieces 

Choose a statement coffee table that looks expensive. It may look expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s amazing what you can find if you wander through thrift shops and Saturday markets. You can find re – purposed or vintage furniture that

tips for luxury

Source: Pottery Barn

Statement Wall

A statement wall will also do the job of making your living room look insanely expensive. Statement walls are designed to draw the eye, and they’ll make you feel like your home was styled by an artist! Make statements using art, mirrors or even plants.

Tips for luxury

Standing lamps and study or reading corners make a statement about how you live. A corner to relax in can actually in itself be relaxing and luixrious.

luxury tip 3

Use Metallics

Metallics are in style right now. Adding copper or gold touches to your living room can give a feeling of luxury chic.

Go Retro

Key retro pieces can also make a serious luxury statement. They say that you’re clued up and confident in your own style.

Mix Textures

Luxury is all about comfort. But too often when it comes to cushions, we focus on picking different colours. Use a mix of patterns, colours and textures to change things up. It will go a long way towards that warm, comfortable home that’s worth living in.

Add Plants

We’ve talked extensively about plants and how they make a difference to the feel of your home.

Add Culture

Travelled recently? Picked up a sculpture or two from a market in Casablanca or an art fair in Accra?  Don’t leave them in your loft or storage cupboard, add them to your living room strategically to help you go down luxury lane  from time to time.

tips for luxury 5

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Small spaces look big when you do these 7 things:

Storage space galore!

You can use storage boxes, baskets and containers to increase the amount of space in your cupboards. If you have open shelving, colour coordinate your boxes to create a cohesive, unified look. Also, don’t ignore the awkward space above your cabinet. Put items you don’t use often in baskets and boxes and stash them up there.

Only keep things you need

small spaces look big - worktops

Now this should be intuitive, but its amazing how much stuff we collect over time. Obviously, clutter equas less space. You’d think we bare that in mind while collecting mounts of stuff we don’t need. Make a habit of regularly clearing out your stuff.

Rent a storage space

It’s increasingly popular to store some of your things in rented storage boxes or spaces . Particularly in cities like London, where having extra space is a luxury to say the least. This strategy is useful for seasonal items – for example, store your winter coats in summer and store your hot pants in winter. Now there’s an idea.

Keep your kitchen and work surfaces clutter free as much as possible, it’ll make the small spaces look big. Store some of your appliances in cupboards and only keep out the ones you use regularly.

small spaces look big - Stock

Having said that, take advantage of the space you do have. Try hanging up pots and pans in your kitchen, or taking advantage of the space above your cupboards.

make small spaces look big - stock image

Harmonise your furniture and accessories by decorating with white. light bounces of white walls, creating the illusion of space. Using white to decorate will always make your space look  and feel big and airy, a trick similar to using mirrors.

small spaces look big - design chaser

Source: The Design Chaser

Finally, organise, organise, organise! We can’t say it enough. Most people think that organising your cupboards or closet spaces is a one time affair, but the reality is you have to do it regularly.

small space look big - house beautiful

Source: House Beautiful

Because you’re alive, you will collect stuff. That means a constant pruning of the things you gather into your house simply because you’re alive. You have to be brutal. Prioritise having space if it’s really that important to you.

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House plants you’d love!

Picture Source: Home Design Rev

We were inspired by this video from apartmenttherapy.com and we were inspired to look into the best ways to look after various house plants.

Here’s a handy list of house plants you can buy and look after yourself, especially if you haven’t got green fingers.

House Plants – Montsera

Also known as the Swiss cheese plant. Originally from the rain forests of Central and South America, they can grow up to 20 inches.

Care Tips: Store them in a place with indirect bright light and a room of average warmth. You’ll need to water it frequently while it’s growing. Make sure you let the compost dry out a little bit between watering and mist it with a spray bottle when watering, rather than simply pouring water over it. You can feed it with a liquid feed once a month to keep it healthy. If you notice water dripping from the leaves, that means it’s been overwatered, so it’s important that the compost does dry before you water it again.

Source: House of Plants

Snake Plant

There are up to 70 different species of snake plant, so do your research carefully before making your purchase. The plants originate from parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. They’re really straightforward to look after and you can leave them be for weeks and they’ll still look fresh. According to research, snake plants can be really good for the atmosphere in your home – cleaning the air and removing toxins.

Care Tips: Put them in direct sunlight to get as much light and heat. In winter, avoid watering them too much – let them dry out a bit between waterings to avoid plant rot.

Source: Gardening Know How

Air Plants

house plants hanging plants

Source: NY Times

Air plants are also known as epiphytes, which means they can grow without dirt. Often, they attache themselves to rocks and shrubbery. They’re native to Southern US states, Mexico, Central and South America. Air plants that have silver foliage tend to be resilient and so can survive for longer without your constant attention. If the plants are greener, they could dry quickly. Store them somewhere warm, but away from direct sunlight.

Care Tips: They’ll need lots of air circulation, so hang them from the ceiling if you can. Water them once a week by placing them in the sink and rinsing lightly. Leave them to drain overnight before putting them back in their permanent place.

Source: BHG

House Plants Devil’s Ivy

It’s a tropical plant native to the Solomon Islands. It can grow to 20 or even 40 feet in its natural habitat, but in your house/flat it will probably grow to 8 feet if looked after well. Place them in a hanging basket so the look their best.

Care Tips: Put it near a window, but away from direct sunlight. Try using blinds or a sheer curtain if you’re going to place them near a window. If you notice that the yellow spots are starting to fade, it means that the plants aren’t getting enough light. Don’t place it near a vent or radiator and if you have pets, it might be a good idea to choose a different house plant. If you’ve got a cat, keep them away from your plants as devil’s ivy can be poisonous to cats.

Source: Homeguides

Fiddle Leaf Tree

Another tropical plant, this one’s native to West Africa, Cameroon and Western Sierra Leone where it normally grows in lowland tropical forests. It’s perfect as a house plant because even though they thrive in warm, wet conditions but they’re also resilient, so they can survive in less than ideal conditions too. Being large and leafy, they’d look best on the floor in a standing vase where they can have room to grow up to about 6 feet.

Source: The Spruce

Rubber Tree Plant

They can grow to 50 feet tall – which may be slightly inconvenient in your living room! To keep them a manageable size, you can train them to be houseplants by cultivating young rubber plants.

Care Tips: They need balanced conditions, i.e not too much light, not too much warmth and not too much water. House them near natural light, but away from direct sunlight. Here, sheer curtains will come in handy again. Light moisture is also better than direct watering. Try wiping the leaves with a damp cloth or using a spray bottle to mist the plant. if the leaves start turning yellow or browning, it means they’ve been overwatered so wait for them to completely dry before watering them again.

Source: Gardening Know How

Spider Plant

This plant is extremely easy to grow and look after. It is suitable for a wide range of conditions and the only thing you need to look out for are brown tips. They’re an excellent choice as house plants if you’re new to gardening. Similar to most plants, they need bright but indirect sunlight and plenty of water. Although, be careful not to let them get too soggy in order to avoid root rot. Similar to some of the other plants in this post, let them dry out before watering them again. Don’t place them near any heat sources because they prefer cooler temperatures.

Source:  Gardening Know How


Succulents are dormant in winter, so they can make the best house plants this side of the equator. Keep them as close to the window and possible, so they can get the sunlight they need to grow. If they start stretching, it means they’re not getting enough sunlight. If this happens, simply cut off the ends to propagate them. Learn more about propagation on the succulents and sunshine website.

house plants succulents

Staghorn Fern

Like quite a few of the house plants featured in this post, they tropical plant also hails from South America. However, various species can also be found in natural tropical areas in Africa, South East Asia, Philippines, Australia and New Guinea. Like air plants, they’re also epiphytes which means they’re most decorative in your home as a hanging plant. Here, direct sunlight for 4 – 7 hours a day is needed. They’re tropical plants, so humidity is needed. You’ll needed to submerge the entire root system in water in order to water them occasionally. Water them less frequently in winter.

There you have it! We hope these tips are useful and you’re able to bring some revival to your home decor this winter by adding plants to revive your space.

Source: Plant Care Today

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Decorating with Red


We’ve got you covered with this straightforward guide to decorating with red.

It’s a bold move. Choosing to decorate with red is like standing on your roof and shouting, “look at me, I know what I’m doing”! If you love red, and want to use it in your home decor, make sure to do your research, make a plan and don’t over do it.

Source: Design Improvised

If you want to make a more subtle statement with the colour red, use bright red plants paired with a vase in a contrasting cool colour to make them pop and draw the eye.

Red conveys very strong emotions. But use it with taste, because it can go from passionate, warm and cheery to angry and combative very quickly. Before choosing to use red at all, plan your choices very carefully. Are you going to use red as a feature or an accent? Block reds or patterns? We’ve got a few choice examples below.

Decorating with red - furniture

Source: Oxford Design Studio

Using red furniture against a backdrop of grey or silver will really make the room stand out. The dining table above is vintage, it was simply painted and repurposed. If you’ve got old furniture you want to bring to life, give them a coat of high shine paint in a bright colour and you’re in business.

Source: Decor Demon

Decorating with red themes

If you’re feeling a bit more brave, you can design a whole room around the theme red. Red walls or a red carpet can give a room warmth and make it feel homey and inviting, without being over the top.

Source: House Beautiful

This example from housebeautiful.com shows a balanced use of bright red with patterned fabrics in this traditional country house.

Source: AD Blog

This bold bathroom has gone with red as the feature colour. The plain white walls help make sure the design stays simple, in spite of the strong colours of the bathroom furniture and mirror. Speak with your bathroom installer to explore colour options in your bathroom design.

Decorating with red accents

Source: Netwerk 24

If you don’t want to go overboard with red, but still use it as an accent to give your room a feature, buy art or picture frames that use a lot of red.

Bold colour choices in your home are possible, you just need to be inspired and don’t overdo it!

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A new bathroom is possible

It’s time to debunk the myth that to have a luxurious look & feel, you need to invest in a whole new bathroom installation. Not true. In 5 simple steps you can completely overhaul your bathroom without having to hire plumbers and contractors. We’ve collected 5 ways to achieve this without breaking the bank. Let’s jump in:


We’ve seen so many bathrooms in our days, and we love them! We love how creative people can get with their private spaces. The bathrooms we have chosen are all located in Notting Hill and we have chosen them because they are creative, quirky and personal.

A mint blue dream! We love the effortless look of this space. Every piece is simple yet gorgeous on its own, it makes for an impeccable bathroom.

Notting Hill House by Waldo Works.
Notting Hill House by Waldo Works.
Notting Hill House by Waldo Works.

The brief was probably ‘Something like Cuba…but marble’

When classic meets modern at its best. This charming pearl is located in Holland Park and has a bathroom that’s luxurious and classy without feeling cold. Also, those tiles with that bathtub are a complete jackpot! The space is designed by Spencer & Wedekind. We are impressed!

Holland Park

Who says you can’t be in wonderland every day? If you want to feel like Alice – every bathroom visit can feel like falling down the rabbit hole!

Notting Hill

There are a lot of elements in this bathroom that are impressive. The geometric tiles obviously stand out with their colours but there’s much more to it. The dark pink on the bathtub matching the tiles and the use of different materials such as wood and frosted glass. And that lamp? It’s a Moooi Heracleum Pendent Light. Very charmed by this space!

London Townhouse, Notting Hill

Stunning bathtub by Drummonds Bathrooms, 642 King’s Road, SW6 2DU London


That wall is beautiful!

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There are so many different showers out there, it’s a jungle! There are digital showers, mixer showers, electric showers, you name it. Here is an inspirational guide to some fine showers we’ve come across…

Aquatique Thermo is a mixer shower by Aqualisa that offers adjustable shower and drencher heads. It’s made of high quality brass with both exposed and concealed valves available. It comes in a chrome or gold finish and the drencher heads can be found in 5” and 8”. We really like Aquatique Thermo’s classic and sophisticated style, definitely a stunning addition to a rustic looking bathroom.



Aside from its sleek design, Mira’s digital showers allow you to select exact temperature and the flow rate of your shower. It offers an Eco function if you wish to limit the flow and reduce your water usage. Mira’s 360 showerhead comes in three different designs and thanks to the Flipstream™ Technology the 360 showerhead rotates and offers four different sprays: rain, cloud, storm and burst. Well, let’s be honest, goodbye Eco function, hello burst!!!

Just going to have a shower...four times...

Just going to have a shower…four times…


Mira platinum wireless remote controller


The Mira 360 range is complimented with Mira Shelves and can be used as parking sockets for the shower head to replace the conventional slide bar.

The Rainshower F-series from Grohe is just stunning! And luxurious! As always when it comes to Grohe. There is too much to choose from to mention it all here but here are some sneak peaks:




Attention rain shower lovers: If you want a proper rain shower you’ll need the right kit behind the scenes – ask for a cold water MainsBoost accumulator from TWS.

A little bit of English manufacturing history: SAMUEL HEATH

Samuel Heath factory in Birmingham, England

Samuel Heath factory in Birmingham, England

Samuel Heath was established in 1820 and is a British manufacturer that began as a traditional brass founder. Today Samuel Heath is manufacturing bathroom accessories, taps, showers and architectural hardware and has become internationally renowned for innovation and quality.

On the process: ‘Each piece is meticulously formed from the purest Northern European solid brass which is then polished by hand to create a flawless finish before undergoing a high quality electroplating process. Attention to detail dictates that each product is then assembled, checked and packed by skilled individuals. All of these processes take place at the company’s Birmingham factory ensuring total control over manufacturing, quality and environmental responsibility.’

Samuel Heath is located in the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.

The Fairfield line - Wooden levers enhance the organic feeling of Fairfield's curvilinear design.

The Fairfield line – Wooden levers enhance the organic feeling of Fairfield’s curvilinear design.

Samuel Heath and Royal Crown Derby collaborated for a collection that exemplifies the very best of British Design and Manufacturing.

Local recommendation: BURGE & GUNSON
We recommend Burge & Gunson in SW19, they are London’s largest independent bathroom specialists. They know it all and they stock all the brands mentioned above!

Happy showering!

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July has sprung and the fresh smell of washed linen shirts inspired us to share some beautiful laundry rooms with you.

House in Blomfield road
This home in Little Venice has a modern white utility room with lots of storage space. The built-in spotlights and the matt wood floor give the room a luxurious touch. We want it all!
Harvey Jones - Shaker Kitchens
How cute is this Portobello Road inspired laundry room? Bright pastel colors will brighten up anyone’s mood, even when laundry is due…
Now you see me…
Interiors: Utility Rooms & Spaces
Now you don’t…
Interiors: Utility Rooms & Spaces
Sleek, neat and smart design by Charlie Borthwick at Cue & Co in Parsons Green. Did you notice the perfect finish? It’s spray-painted in Farrow & Ball!
No, we can’t all spare a whole room for our dirty laundry, but we can all add some folding doors! Smart, simple and we really like that rail to hang all those shirts that don’t belong in the dryer.
We lied a bit, this is not a west London laundry room. But we think it should be. This country modern clash is to die for! It has it all: the walnut top, the Belfast sink and a country style black tap. Note the dark grout and how it makes those white metro tiles stand out. And that art is smart!
Inspiration: Isn’t this tap from Just Perrin just gorgeous?

Just Perrin Black Tap Country Style

Inspiration: Do you know your laundry rules? wood_sign_comp_06709a35-1de3-4e03-af67-81dc7777bd4b

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We’ve been feeling in the mood for a change so we decided to pick out two interior brands that we think are doing an inspiring job.

Remains Lighting
Remains Lighting first opened in a Chelsea loft in April of 1996. The founder David Calligeros personally restored each item he sold to the highest standard. His keen interest in fine metalwork, as well as his desire to have a state-of-the-art restoration workshop devoted to one class of material, pushed him to focus the business on antique lighting. Today Remains Lighting is creating these beautiful pieces: feel free to indulge in this impeccable design.

Dome Pendant

Dome Pendant from the Commune collection.

California Sunburst from the Duquette Collection

California Sunburst from the Duquette Collection.

Philmont Tanle Lamp from the Wanzenberg collection.

Philmont Table Lamp from the Wanzenberg collection.


Cole & Son
Cole and Son have been around since 1875 but don’t think they’re stuck in the old. They are creating some seriously exciting wallpapers and their designs are innovative and beautiful. Just see for yourself, if the below isn’t enough, there are literally over thousands of choices on their website. Click if you dare.

Archipelago Border from the Whimsical collection.

Archipelago Border from the Whimsical collection.

Pompeian from the New Contemporary collection.

Pompeian from the New Contemporary collection.

Mediterranea from the Fornasetti collection.

Mediterranea from the Fornasetti collection.

Both Remains Lighting and Cole & Son can be found in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XF.

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