How To Find The Best And Gas Safe Plumbers In Chelsea

Chelsea Plumbing

When you opt for a Chelsea plumbing expert, you would want someone local; somebody who can reach your place quickly, and someone affordable and professional as well. This is a common requirement. Yet, more than a million gas plumbing jobs are performed by illegal fitters who are not qualified to do the work. Here are some tips to help you find the best gas-safe plumbers. 

Gas Safe Register

First of all, the most significant thing that you need to do is to check whether the gas engineer is part of the Gas Safe Register or not. Even if you are considering a recommendation from family or friends, this is still vital. If you are aware of the details of the engineer, then you can cross-check whether they are eligible to perform the work. You need to get the license number of the individual to perform a search on the Gas Safe Register site. Engineers get a new ID every year, and every card will have a totally different number. 

Are they capable to do your job?

On the ID of your engineer, you can see their expiry date, photo, and the list of jobs they are entitled to perform. It is vital to check which work they are eligible to do prior to hiring them. You will see a list of appliances and jobs like cookers, gas boilers, and water heaters. 

Get recommendations

Though a reference should not be your only go-to for finding plumbing and heating services, it is still a good place to begin. You can ask family and friends in the locality about who they have worked with, in the recent past. Call the engineer and let them know about your issue.


Make a request for the list of jobs of the Chelsea plumbing engineer so that you can be sure that they are entitled to perform the task. Follow it up with the online tool to be confident that they are experienced and trustworthy.