Plumbing glossary: R

If you’ve got a plumber coming round, you want to know exactly what they’re talking about when tending to your pipes and fittings.

Read on to learn some R-words with our quick and easy plumbing glossary.

R & DReamed and Drifted – pipe commonly used in water wells with a heavy-duty coupling

RFRecovery Factor – rating based on the efficiency of the product

Raw water – water supplied to the plant before any treatment

Recovery – the amount of water in gallons that can be heated in one hour (gph)

Recovery capacity – the amount of water in gallons per hour raised 100 degrees F at a given thermal efficiency and BTU per hour

Red water – water that is red or brown in colour due to the presence of precipitated iron and/or iron bacteria

Reducer – a fitting that connects pipes of different sizes together

Refill tube – the tube that directs water from a ballcock into the overflow tube to refill bowl after a siphon break

Relief valve – a valve that opens to relieve excess temperature

Reverse osmosis – a water treatment method whereby water is forced through a semi permeable membrane to filter out impurities

Rigid pipe – pipe designed to transmit the backfill load to the foundation beneath the pipe

Rim holes – a series of small holes in the underside of a toilet rim through which water flows to wash over the entire inner service of the bowl

Roman spout – deck-mounted faucet spout

Roof flashing – sheet metal installed at any break in a shingled roofline to prevent leaks around sewer vents

Rough-in – installation of the drain, waste, vent and supply lines in a structure to the proposed location of each fixture

Run – a complete or secondary section of pipe that extends from supply to fixture or drain to stack

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